Destiny 2: How To Get Nightfall Strike Emblem Variants

Destiny 2: How To Get Nightfall Strike Emblem Variants

Destiny 2’s latest update this past week changed the Nightfall Strike, removing its timer and adding a scoring system that connects to special emblem achievements for obtaining a certain score level. While developer Bungie detailed the Nightfall’s new emblem variants, players were left wondering exactly how to earn them.

Since Tuesday, Destiny 2 players have been crossing score thresholds (the top score according to Bungie is a whopping 222,873) and some players have been getting the emblem variants to drop while others in the same fireteam are not. This led to players to the conclusion that the variants are RNG-based and are added as a possible drop if a certain score tier has been passed. Those players were correct as Bungie confirmed that emblem variants are not a guaranteed drop and have a chance to drop at certain score tiers.

On their own, Nightfall emblem variants have a chance to drop simply from Nightfall completions. The emblems are not related to challenges are not a guaranteed drop. For each variant, the chance increases from 0% to as high as 50% at specific score thresholds per variant. Currently, those thresholds are as follows:

Tier 1: 20k

Tier 2: 40k

Tier 3: 60k

Tier 4: 80k

Bungie went onto say that those score thresholds are not displayed anywhere because the scoring tiers are not yet set in stone. These were the initial tiers set by Bungie from internal playtesting but the developer is looking to adjust scoring tiers as players get their hands on the new Nightfall Strikes and the community determines what really is a “high score.”

destiny 2 emblem variants

Bungie has said it is looking to continue to work on improving the Nightfall Strike and the new challenge cards, as well as add unique Nightfall gear rewards (scheduled for later this month). If you need help getting a high score in the new Nightfall, check out Game Rant’s guide here.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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