Destiny 2 Details Iron Banner, Rumble, and PvP Changes

Destiny 2 Details Iron Banner, Rumble, and PvP Changes

The next update coming in late March to Destiny 2 will be heavily focused on the PvP side of the game, and developer Bungie gave some of the first concrete details today about a few of the changes that are included in the patch.

The game modes detailed for Destiny 2’s 1.1.4 update are 6v6 Iron Banner, Rumble, Mayhem, and (coming at a later date is) a new version of Doubles. Each will see some major changes to the core setup, while the returning entries will be slightly tweaked. As a whole it sounds like Bungie is trying to bring the modes back in line with how they were in Destiny 1.

6v6 Iron Banner

Iron Banner is returning to its classic Destiny 1 6v6 format, being the first time that Destiny 2 will break from its previously intentional change to make all PvP modes 4v4. The monthly PvP event (the first 6v6 Iron Banner will likely land in April ) will be getting some further gameplay tweaks to account for the increased player count.

  • Match time limit is 12 minutes
  • Score limit is 125 points
  • Respawn time is 7 seconds
  • All control zones start off neutral
  • Control zones take slightly longer to capture by default
  • Additional Guardians (max of 3) in a zone increases capture speed
  • Guardians participating in a capture get more Super energy


As reported earlier, Destiny 2 will be getting another non-4v4 mode in the form of another Destiny 1 favorite—the free-for-all Rumble mode. The changes here are as follows:

  • Points are earned by getting kills. Assists do not give any points.
  • Player count has been increased to 8



Mayhem, characterized by its fast ability charging and plentiful heavy ammo, made its appearance in Destiny 2 during The Dawning live event in December, and it will return completely unchanged.


Doubles is coming to Destiny 2, just not in the March update. Bungie says it is still working on the mode, taking what was available during Crimson Days and further tweaking it before adding it back to the game. Bungie did not provide a timetable as to when the mode will appear.

Rotating Playlist for New PvP Modes

Rumble, Mayhem, and Doubles (when it makes its way to Destiny 2) will be placed into a single playlist in the Crucible menu that will rotate weekly, so only one of these modes will be available at any given time depending on which one is featured each week. Bungie likely kept the options limited so as not to separate the player base into a handful of different playlists, but if one mode proves overwhelmingly popular it is possible that mode could become a permanent fixture.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie



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