Destiny 2: How to Farm Faction Rally Tokens

Destiny 2: How to Farm Faction Rally Tokens

Developer Bungie may have patched the old Faction Rally Lost Sector exploit, which allowed Destiny 2 players to farm nearly 300 Tokens per hour, but there is a new method that players can use to farm Tokens for their favorite faction.

This week brings another Faction Rally, the event that goes live in Destiny 2 once per month, allowing players to pledge to a faction (or multiple factions since each character can ally with a different faction) and gain armor and weapons specific to each. Earning Faction Engrams requires Tokens, which can be earned a number of different ways, but YouTuber Mesa Sean has uncovered a way to loot a Lost Sector multiple times, creating a rather effective Token farming method.

This could potentially be done in multiple Lost Sectors, but the one recommended in the video is located on Titan. The method is simple: go into the Lost Sector, kill the boss to unlock the chest, open the chest to collect the faction Tokens, and then kill yourself to respawn nearby as well as cause the boss and the chest to reappear.

Previously, this method would not work because in order to combat the original Lost Sector exploit, Bungie placed a lockout timer on Lost Sectors making it impossible for players to quickly loot these areas of the game. But in the latest patch, Bungie removed the lockout timer and instead made it a requirement that players kill a boss before a chest will reopen. The method outlined in this video fulfills those requirements.


Mesa Sean does recommend, however, sticking to a few simple rules because this farming will sometimes fail if not followed exactly. The biggest keys seem to be killing yourself (a rocket aimed at the feet is an effective method) instead of letting enemies do it, as well as dying next to the chest itself. Doing these virtually always respawns the player right outside the door with the boss and chest respawning as well.

This Faction Rally, new weapons have been added to the loot pool of the Faction Engrams and some new weapons are up for grabs for the faction that earns the most Tokens over the course of the week.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Mesa Sean

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