Pokemon GO: What is the Next Special Research Quest?

Pokemon GO: What is the Next Special Research Quest?

Nearly two years after its initial launch, and Pokemon GO finally added the mythical Pokemon Mew to the game as part of a Special Research quest. This eight-step quest challenged players to complete specific tasks in Pokemon GO, with the final reward being an encounter with Mew, allowing players to fully complete their Kanto region Pokedex for the first time.

The addition of Mew to Pokemon GO revealed how Niantic is going to handle mythical Pokemon in the game. Whereas legendary Pokemon are caught by first defeating them in raids, it seems as though mythical Pokemon will be saved for these Special Research quests.

Besides mythical Pokemon, though, Niantic could potentially use the Special Research quests to make other sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon GO more readily available. With that in mind, here are some possibilities as to which Pokemon will be featured in the next Special Research quest.

Generation 2

Pokemon GO Celebi model leak

The most obvious choice is Celebi. Datamining efforts have already found data for Celebi in Pokemon GO, and Celebi being the second Special Research quest would make sense considering it is the second mythical Pokemon in the franchise in general. Celebi is a psychic/grass-type that was once known as the rarest Pokemon in the entire franchise, and trainers are typically only able to obtain one through trading and special events.

Generation 3


With the addition of third generation Pokemon to Pokemon GO, Niantic has opened the door for a couple of other Pokemon to be in the next Special Research quest instead of Celebi. Datamining efforts have already found evidence for the steel/psychic-type Jirachi and the psychic-type Deoxys in the game, so it’s entirely possible they will be added to Special Research quests before Celebi.

EX Legendaries


If Niantic wanted to have Special Research quests more frequently, the studio may consider including more than just mythical Pokemon. Special Research quests could serve as a way for Pokemon GO players who find it virtually impossible to compete in legendary raids to catch legendary Pokemon (as we’ve seen with the Field Research quests), especially the EX Raid Pass-only creatures like Mewtwo and Ho-Oh.


pokemon go region pokemon

Another possibility for Special Research quests is region-exclusive Pokemon. Unless players plan on taking a trip around the world, it is next to impossible to complete the Pokedex without cheating. Niantic has made some region-exclusive Pokemon available elsewhere in the past through events like the Safari Zone and the brief time it made Farfetch’d spawn outside of Asia, but Special Research quests could provide another opportunity for Pokemon GO players to fill out the missing spots in their Pokedex.

pokemon go field research

It’s unclear at this point if Niantic is willing to include more than just mythical Pokemon in the Special Research quests, but it will be interesting to see which Pokemon is next in line after Mew. Hopefully Niantic details the next Special Research quest sooner rather than later, especially for players who have already caught Mew and are waiting for new challenges.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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