MS Gives Present to Boy That Gave Up Xbox for Charity

MS Gives Present to Boy That Gave Up Xbox for Charity

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Between the ongoing loot box scandal and people up in arms about the Pokemon GO EX Raids, there’s a lot of negativity in the gaming world. However, the story of nine year-old Mikah Frye of Ashland, Ohio is sure to warm the heart of even the most cynical gamer.

Mikah’s most wanted Christmas present this year was an Xbox One console. However, he realized that with the $300 it would cost to buy an Xbox One, he could instead buy blankets for the less fortunate. And that’s exactly what Mikah did, giving up his Xbox One and purchasing 60 blankets to donate to charity.

Mikah’s selfless deed caught the attention of the local Fox 8 news station, which covered his story. From there, Microsoft found out about Mikah, and decided to surprise him with a Minecraft Xbox One bundle, delivered by Santa himself. Mikah was left in tears after receiving his well-deserved gifts.

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It’s not every day that a child would be so willing to give up their own Christmas gifts for the benefit of others, but Mikah knows what it’s like to be without. A few years ago, Mikah’s family ran into some financial difficulties, and they had to stay in an emergency shelter for a period of time.

The emergency shelter Mikah’s family stayed at will be distributing the blankets he purchased, and each one will come with a special note written by him. Unlike the blankets the shelter keeps for future residents, though, recipients of Mikah’s blankets will be able to keep them for life.

Overall, it’s nice to see Mikah’s kindness and sacrifice rewarded by Microsoft. The corporation could have ignored Mikah and his family, but instead chose to reach out and give Mikah a Christmas surprise he’s not likely to forget anytime soon. Here’s hoping Mikah gets many hours of entertainment out of his new Xbox One console this holiday season and beyond.

Source: Fox 8