Minecraft Adds Stranger Things Skin Pack

Minecraft Adds Stranger Things Skin Pack

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Minecraft has always been a property with plenty of tie-ins, but Mojang has now quite literally dialed things up to eleven. The company has just announced that an official Stranger Things skin pack will arrive for the block-building title, allowing gamers to don the retro aesthetic of characters like Jim Hopper, Mike Wheeler, Eleven, or Dustin. Plenty of the supporting cast are also in for a return, so Minecraft fans can don an ugly sweater with Barb or a dated mustache from Clarke.

The brand new skin pack is already available for release, so gamers hoping to get their ’80s aesthetic on can do so immediately – provided they’re playing from either an Xbox One, Windows 10 computer, or mobile device. The official skin pack will run gamers $3 (or 490 coins if they use the Minecraft marketplace). Mojang has already implemented plenty of fun Halloween festivities for the weekend, and we can only imagine creatures from the upside down would only add to the experience.

Interested gamers can take a look at the Minecraft Stranger Things skin pack below:

The timely tie-in comes at the same time as the second season of Stranger Things, a cult hit Netflix show following spooky happenings in the town of Hawkins. Set in 1983, the show provides a nostalgic view of all things retro, a plot that balances horror, comedy, and entertainment, and plenty of references for the older crowd. That being said, the Minecraft pack is available for all ages – though some of the skin pack choices will be mild spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen the second season.

Mojang has done a great job implementing tons of pop culture brands into Minecraft, with Stranger Things being far from the first television-based skin pack offered as a download. Everything from The Simpsons to Guardians of the Galaxy have been made available already, and even gaming cross-branding has taken root: Nintendo Switch owners can don the outfit of Master Chief while they game on the go. The Strangers Things cast have some hefty competition, but it’s hard to argue that Halloween isn’t their time to shine.

The Minecraft Stranger Things skin pack is available now on mobile, Windows 10, and Xbox One.

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