Microsoft Releases Minecraft-Themed XB1 Controllers

Microsoft Releases Minecraft-Themed XB1 Controllers

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Early next month, Microsoft will release an Xbox One S console bundle that’s themed around the perennially popular block-building game Minecraft. Now, it’s been confirmed that Minecraft fans will be able to purchase the novel controllers set to be included in the package separately, from today.

Ever since Microsoft launched its Xbox Design Lab — which allows users to create their own customized Xbox One controller, selecting almost every aspect of its color scheme — the company has had to up its game in terms of themed pads. Fortunately, the Minecraft controllers have been crafted with great care, and are sure to appeal to fans.

There are two separate designs, with both being based on a memorable character from the game: the pig and the creeper. Whether fans are looking to pay homage to a curly-tailed steed, or grab a pad that reminds them of the time a green-skinned mob came out of nowhere and destroyed their home base, there’s a controller for them.

The face of each character is emblazoned on the front face of the controller. Even the Menu and Back buttons are specially colored, with the creeper’s design being especially effective, since they line up perfectly with its jet-black eyes.

It’s the little details that make special edition hardware like this so desirable, and Microsoft has evidently gone the extra mile to make sure that Minecraft fans can’t resist the purchase. Even the labels on the face buttons use the game’s font, rather than the standard one used on the regular Xbox One controller.

However, one thing that might make even the most dedicated Minecraft player think twice is the pad’s premium price tag. Its themed design will set buyers back $74.99 – quite a jump from the $59.99 they would pay for a standard pad, which is often subject to a minor discount of $5-10.

Still, it’s the run-up to the holiday season, and Microsoft is smart to field this kind of specialty product. Even if Minecraft fans can’t afford to get the special edition Xbox One, they might be able to find a themed controller in their stocking.

Minecraft is available on just about every platform under the sun, even if some systems don’t get all the latest content updates. Still, Microsoft continues to get its money’s worth from the purchase of Mojang thanks to its ability to field themed products like this. Of course, while a Minecraft-themed Switch would no doubt sell like hot cakes, don’t expect to see it any time soon.

Minecraft is available now for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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