Destiny 2: Here are the Exotics Coming with Warmind

Destiny 2: Here are the Exotics Coming with Warmind

Bungie showed off some new and interesting features for their upcoming Destiny 2 DLC Warmind during a livestream today. Following the livestream, Bungie released screenshots of several exotics that are coming with the second Destiny 2 DLC, some new and some returning from Destiny. While we don’t know what perks they will bring, here’s all the exotics we know of that are coming on May 8.

First up is a returning Warlock exotic from Destiny. Apotheosis Veil’s perk originally refilled heath, melee energy, and grenade energy upon super activation. The perk icon looks similar to that of the Destiny version, so it may work the same way – likely with the inclusion of rift energy.

This Titan chest piece was a fan-favorite in Destiny, as it granted an additional grenade charge. Like Apotheosis Veil, the icon looks similar, though not the same, to its original version, so it may operate in a similar fashion.

This new exotic looks pretty snazzy, but we don’t know what the perk is for it. It is likely a Sunbreaker Titan exotic, as both the name and the flavor text implies. Hopefully the lore tab will give us more information about the mysterious Sunbreaker Titans.

This returning Warlock exotic originally granted a second melee charge for all Warlock subclasses. However, the skill icon is completely different from the original, so perhaps they serve a different function now. The icon resembles the glide icons, so perhaps it buffs the warlock glide in some form. If so, it may cause havoc after the changes from the Go Fast update.

This peculiar looking Titan helmet is making a return from Destiny. The original version granted the Unstoppable perk for Striker Titans. While that perk does not exist in Destiny 2, it may still give Striker Titans more damage resistance during Fist of Havoc. The icon is completely different, however, so that is no guarantee.

Originally introduced in the Rise of Iron expansion of Destiny, the “Frostees” granted Hunters a tighter turn radius while sprinting, and sprinting increased grenade and melee regeneration. These were fun boots to use, so hopefully they will work the same in Warmind.

This new Hunter chest armor shares a similar name and aesthetic to the Warlock’s Ophidian Aspect. The Warlock gauntlets allow weapons to be readied quickly, and melee range is increased, so perhaps this piece may work in a similar way.

These snazzy new Warlock robes look awesome, as is the trend of most Warlock armor. Hopefully the perk will make this exotic interesting enough to wear.

Originally a Taken King exotic, these hunter gauntlets originally granted hunters an additional melee charge and a change to reload your primary weapon when dealing melee damage. These were great for Nightstalker Hunters to run double smoke grenades, so hopefully they’ll still be useful.

A fan-favorite assault rifle is making its return in Warmind. Suros Regime dealt bonus damage with the bottom half of the magazine with a change to return health to the user. It also came with two different firing modes: one where the weapon fires faster with continuous firing, and another where it fired slower when zoomed, but dealt bonus damage. Fans assumed the Regime was returning when it made an appearance in the Warmind teaser trailer.

This ornate-looking submachine gun looks like something out of New Monarchy’s armory. Hopefully it has some interesting exotic perks to make it worth using. Bungie has been focusing on making exotics feel powerful, like the Graviton Lance, so hopefully this one will be just as amazing.

This new Hive-inspired helmet seems to be relating to vision, so perhaps it will help mark targets or perhaps allow extra damage to certain enemies.

These Titan gauntlets look fancy, and have some flavor text by Eris Morn, so hopefully it will grant a really cool hive-inspired bonus effect.

Rounding out the exotics is this peculiar Hunter helm. Hopefully it will have a perk good enough to warrant wearing this strange helmet instead some something a little flashier.


Those are all of the new and returning exotics we know about for Warmind. Bungie has been focusing heavily on exotics as of late, so hopefully these exotics will be worth grinding for.  Some fans may be disappointed that there aren’t more new exotics, but hopefully the returning ones will be good enough to give them another go.

If you missed the announcement stream from today, you can get caught up with our recap of everything you missed.

Destiny 2: Warmind releases May 8, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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