Destiny 2: Crucible Rank System Offers Unique Rewards

Destiny 2: Crucible Rank System Offers Unique Rewards

Today, developer Bungie gave Destiny 2 players their first look at Warmind, the new DLC expansion releasing on May 8th. As with past DLC reveals, there is plenty left for players to discover on their own – this was just a brief taste for PvE and PvP fans.

On the PvP side, Bungie revealed the new ranking system coming to Destiny 2. This will be how players tout their Crucible skills, while also earning unique rewards.

For the more casual player, Destiny 2’s Quickplay Playlist and rotating playlist (Mayhem, Rumble, Iron Banner) will feature a rank called Valor. Valor is a traditional, experience-based ranking system, where a win increases the player’s rank.

The competitive playlist will offer a more hardcore ranking system called Glory, which increases as players win games but also decreases as they lose. There will also be win streaks and loss streaks that will add (or subtract) greater amounts of experience based on the player and their team’s performance.

But a ranking system is only superficial if there aren’t reasons to interact with it, and Bungie is making sure there are some rewards unique to Crucible ranks. The devs wouldn’t give too much information, but they did reveal that each season will feature a weapon that will be “the chase.”

For Season 3, that must-have Crucible Rank weapon is called Redrix’s Claymore, a fast-firing pulse rifle with a new perk never before seen on a Destiny 2 weapon. That perk, called Desperado, works in tandem with Outlaw (headshot kills dramatically increase reload speed) to buff the weapon’s rate of fire. So if a player gets a headshot kill and reloads, they should be able to fire the pulse rifle at a noticeably faster rate.

Bungie only said that the weapon would be available at a certain Crucible rank level, but it’s unclear how difficult that will be to attain. The devs suggested this will be a weapon that signifies a skilled Crucible player, although it’s possible any player could attain it with enough time.

Based on this early look at Crucible ranks it seems like Bungie is giving Destiny 2’s PvP community more reasons to grind on a regular basis and rewarding them for their efforts. How long those incentives will be in effect and whether they will be worth the chase throughout Season 3 is yet to be determined, but we should have a better idea when Warmind releases early next month.

Destiny 2: Warmind releases May 8, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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