Destiny 2 Fixes Offering Bug, Telesto Glitch and More

Destiny 2 Fixes Offering Bug, Telesto Glitch and More

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This week, Bungie pushed out Destiny 2 hotfix which includes a number of fixes for heroic adventures, weapons/items, the Dreaming City, and Gambit, the new PVP mode featured in the Forsaken expansion. Of course, what garners the most attention is the offering bug and Telesto glitch, as one was an inconvenience and the other was abused.

First up is an issue with heroic adventures that had Barons dropping legendary rewards outside of the heroic adventure. Now, Barons will grant one guaranteed legendary per day in heroic adventures, with subsequent kills granting the aforementioned reward at a much slower rate. As a result Destiny 2 players will no longer be able to farm Barons for gear.

This hotfix also addressed an issue where players get stuck with the Origin Story/Last Dance weapons if they were to use the character level boost after completing Homecoming, one of the best missions in Destiny history. It also fixed an issue that resulted in dismantled BrayTech Legendary Scout Rifles turning into Mod Components.

There were several fixes made to Dreaming City activities and items, most especially to the buggy Oracle Offering. Now, the Offering to the Oracle goes into the Pursuits tab instead of Consumables. But even if there are still problems with the Oracle, Bungie has changes Petra’s weekly Challenge so it only requires two weekly bounty completions. Moreover, the hotfix prevents chests from spawning from certain enemy kills and removes the ability to repeat the “Awakening” mission for Dreaming City gear.

blind well area in dreaming city

The hot fix also removed the Telesto glitch so players can no longer use Telesto to accelerate progression in Blind Well. For those working on this activity, here’s a guide on how to trigger a tier 4/unstable blind well.

Gambit also receives a couple of small updates, with the rejoin functionality being turned off. The “Cayde’s Will” quest can also now be completed by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons, so hopefully, that makes it slightly easier. All-in-all, these changes are likely to go a long way in solidifying the quality of life for Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, Forsaken.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now.

Source: Bungie