Bungie Trying to Take Down Destiny Prequel Music

Bungie Trying to Take Down Destiny Prequel Music

Update, 4/29/18 5:13 p.m.: Bungie community manager Cozmo posted on Reddit saying Bungie has plans to release Music of the Spheres in the near future:

“Hey everyone. We have plans to officially release MoTS in the near future. We’ll have more details for you soon.”

Original Story:

Back in December 2017, some dedicated fans of Destiny‘s music released the official version of Music of the Spheres, a prequel soundtrack for the original Destiny written by the game’s original composer Marty O’Donnell. There’s quite a story about how it finally went public, and it stayed up for months without being challenged by Activision or Bungie—but it looks like that has changed.

At least, that’s according to O’Donnell, who created Music of the Spheres and has continued to champion it even after being terminated by Bungie. He took to Twitter to encourage fans to find a way to download the music before either Activision or Bungie take it down:

The red flag that Destiny‘s publisher or developer is after the soundtrack’s availability on the Internet is due to the fact that the Reddit account belonging to the original user who posted the verified complete version of Music of the Spheres, OS_Epsilon, has been deleted as well as the original Reddit and download links to the music. At the time of this writing, Music of the Spheres still exists on YouTube and fans are sharing it through a number of links on the Destiny subreddit.

marty o'donnell lawsuit settled

Since then, OS_Epsilon, whose real name is Owen Spence, has created another Reddit account to share a bit of what is going on. He confirmed that he got in legal trouble for releasing Music of the Spheres, and it appears that Bungie has requested the music be taken down. But, Spence says there are things coming in the future that he can’t discuss. He also shared that Bungie has the right to remove it and that the developer is “not evil”:

“I spent 3 years of my life to get you MOTS [Music of the Spheres]. 3. years. I got myself into legal trouble for you to have MOTS. I know things I am not allowed to say. I know you guys will make this a huge issue which is what I am trying to prevent because what’s done is done, and Bungie had good reason to do this.

[…] There’s a reason behind everything. I know something that would comfort you but it’s not my place to announce that.

[…] There’s a lot MORE to it than you think. They are not evil.”

Spence also said the best things fans can do is tell Bungie that they want Music of the Spheres to be officially released, and he encouraged them to tweet at the developer’s community managers, DeeJ and Cozmo. From his responses, he is clearly legally restricted from being able to share more.

Music of the Spheres has had a storied history. It was announced as a prequel soundtrack and there were hints of a live performance tour before the release of Destiny. Neither ever materialized, and then O’Donnell was fired from Bungie, and for all intent and purposes, the music in its original form was kept behind lock and key. Portions of the music were used throughout Destiny, but the music never made its way out until it was leaked by Spence and another fan. And even after all that, it appears the long story of Music of the Spheres still isn’t over.

Destiny is available now on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit 

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