Spider-Man PS4 Unlocks Interesting End Game Feature

Spider-Man PS4 Unlocks Interesting End Game Feature

There are still several months to go before Spider-Man swoops in for PlayStation 4, but the game’s director is still revealing new tidbits about the game on a regular basis. Game director Bryan Intihar has now confirmed that players won’t be able to adjust the weather in Spider-Man on the fly until after they’ve beaten the game, meaning players may find themselves stuck in rain-drenched Manhattan for long periods of time. Many open world games have allowed players to change the weather through options or cheat codes, but Intihar explains that Insomniac Games put a delay on this control for narrative purposes.

Intihar states that the developers want to invoke certain vibes during different parts of the story, ensuring that a somber scene won’t be contrasted by a beautifully sunny day. While there isn’t a clear picture of what the full storyline has in store for Peter Parker, the arrival of longtime villains Shocker and Norman Osborn means Spider-Man will certainly be put through his paces, regardless of the weather.

Here’s the full quote on what Bryan revealed about the weather, and the decision behind only letting gamers choose it after the game has been beaten:

For us we thought that, well I mean the truth is, this is a very story heavy game and as you guys know a lot of great games use time of day whether to communicate a certain feel vibe to the situation where you are in the story so we want to make sure that we were communicating a certain feeling to the player while they were first making their way through the main story. That being said when you do finish the game you can actually change time of day and weather yourself manually.

Spider-Man will be far from the first game that uses weather to set the tone. Older open world titles like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City would have missions that started with a quick timelapse, forcing certain missions to be done at particular times of day under set weather. This allows developers to maximize their input on each mission’s setting, and is clearly something that Insomniac Games wants to keep tight control of for the duration of Spider-Man‘s story.

The open world aspect of the game will be limited to Manhattan, where there’s plenty of office space for Spider-Man to sling his web between. Fans will be hoping for smooth gameplay as Peter Parker does his thing, though even on PS4 Pro the framerate will be locked to 30 FPS. While the Pro edition of the PS4 won’t have a superior framerate to the regular console, Intihar did confirm that the looks and loading time for Spider-Man will be better on the 4K-capable rig.

While Spider-Man will utilize many gadgets throughout the game, it looks like he’ll have to wait for the main drama to subside before he can use one that controls the weather.

Spider-Man will release exclusively for the PS4 on September 7, 2018.

Source: GearNuke

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