Fortnite Season 4 Patch Notes

Fortnite Season 4 Patch Notes

Fortnite Season 4 is finally here with a host of changes and some answers about what effects the impending meteor was going to have in-game. Well, it has finally landed and it took Dusty Depot with it, leaving behind a new location – the Dusty Divot.

Other major changes for the start of the new season include a Battle Pass, the structure of which remains the same, but offers 100 tiers of cosmetic rewards for players and an anti-gravity consumable known as Hop Rocks, left behind in the wake of the meteors impact.

Gameplay Changes

All of the structures on the starting island, not including the battle bus, can now be destroyed and players are now visible at distances three times further than before on the starting island. There have also been some relatively minor changes to the combat in Fortnite; headshots now take priority over other body parts and players can now get elimination credit for knocking a player off the island, as they do with regular fall damage. Lastly the hitboxes associated with players hands have been made smaller and it is now possible to view damage numbers while spectating.

Weapons and Items

The crossbow is the only weapon to be removed joining the guided missile in the vault, only three months after it was added in patch 2.4.2. Other more minor changes, including a newly fixed-size aiming reticle for the rocket launcher and hit markers displaying even when scoped in, also come into play with the new patch. There are also the standard assortment of bug fixes to address issues with reloading and weapon firing that players have been experiencing

User Interface

There have also been a number of changes to the user interface, designed to make the player experience more seamless. It is now possible to favourite cosmetic items in the locker and use the random feature to cycle between cosmetics which have been marked as favourites. Also sprays and emotes are no longer limited to six in the emote wheel and players can access the entirety of their owned catalogue. It is also now possible to play in a 4:3 aspect ratio as support for this has been added.

Save the World Changes

Save the World, the original co-op survival mode, also saw some huge changes brought into play including loot drops from fallen enemies. The level of the downed enemy affects how much loot is dropped and the quality of the crafting ingredients. Furthermore mini-bosses now drop a new type of item called a cache, which comes in three rarity types and drops a single weapon schematic as well as storm evolution materials. Survivor health has also been increased by 40% and the Teleporter gadget has undergone a vast swathe of changes designed to increase its usability.

season four meteor patch notes

As Fortnite continues to operate at a huge profit we will now see how its player base responds to the start of Season 4, in particular the map changes and the anti-gravity consumable, to better understand if the game still feels as well balanced as it did before.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Epic Games

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