God of War Has An Avengers Easter Egg

God of War Has An Avengers Easter Egg

God of War has enjoyed a hugely successful start to life since its release towards the end of April, and one member of the game’s significant fan base has found an Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg. Reddit user Moxxxxxi was the first to share the secret, connecting the dots after picking up the “Shattered Gauntlet of Ages” from the “Family Business” quest. This is, of course, a reference to the gauntlet Thanos wears in the movies, as he continues his quest for the Infinity Stones.

According to the description of the item, the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages is “An ancient relic of Hel deemed too powerful to remain whole, fragments of its former strength lie scattered throughout the realms.” This only clearly becomes a nod to the movies later when players discover six enchantments meant for the gauntlet, each a reference to one of the infinity stones from the Marvel Universe:

  • Andvari’s Soul – Soul Stone
  • Njord’s Temporal Stone – Time Stone
  • Eye of the Outer Realm – Space Stone
  • Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind – Mind Stone
  • Asgard’s Shard of Existence – Reality Stone
  • Muspelheim Eye of Power – Power Stone

Unlike movie Easter Eggs featured in other games, including Indiana Jones in the fridge from Fallout: New Vegas, this is not just an in-joke but actually a powerful addition to Kratos’ abilities. If the player can successfully socket three of these enchantments into the gauntlet, the user will be able to shoot purple beams out of Kratos’ clenched fist, reminiscent of the Power Stone fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) saw heavily in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Kratos pretending to be Thanos

As God of War was in development for such a long time it is unclear whether this is a reference to the latest movie, or the original storyline from the comic books. As fans of the MCU know, Thanos has been on his way for some time, so it could well be sourced from there, particularly aesthetically.

With the news that the director of the newest iteration has plans for five more God of War games in mind, players can expect to continue seeing Kratos, and a litany of Easter Eggs, for some time to come.

God of War is available now for the PS4.

Source: IGN

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