Destiny 2: Last Chance to Earn Season 2 Ornaments

Destiny 2: Last Chance to Earn Season 2 Ornaments

Destiny 2 is getting its next major content drop with Warmind, the game’s second piece of DLC for Year 1, but the imminent release of Warmind in just a week also means that the current season is coming to a close. When it does, a number of items will be completely removed from the loot pool.

One of those classes of items is season-specific ornaments. Updates to Destiny 2 in 2018, as well as the start of Season 2 with the release of the Curse of Osiris expansion, introduced a number of armor ornaments specific to certain vendors and activities.

Some of the most sought-after groups of ornaments are those belonging to Iron Banner. Luckily for players who have yet to earn them all, Iron Banner returns this week for one final Season 2 run. Other vendors that players may want to check for ornaments before they disappear include:

  • Vanguard ornaments at Commander Zavala
  • Crucible ornaments at Lord Shaxx
  • Leviathan raid and Eater of Worlds raid lair ornaments at Benedict 99-40
  • Trials of the Nine ornaments at the Emissary (Friday to Tuesday at reset)

Unfortunately, with the last Faction Wars event of this season taking place weeks ago, the chance for players to earn those ornaments has long passed.


Season 3 will officially begin on May 8, coinciding with the launch of Warmind. It will bring a refresh to all the ornaments in the game, offering players a chance to earn new sets of these items and change the look of their armor. The base armor sets from each vendor will not be changing, only the ornaments.

As an extra tip, Eververse’s cosmetics should be getting a reset with the change of season, so if there are any items players are really chasing, this week will also be the last chance to get them (this does not include shaders).

Destiny 2: Warmind releases on May 8, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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