Fortnite: New Skins, Pickaxe, and Cosmetic for Season 4

Fortnite: New Skins, Pickaxe, and Cosmetic for Season 4

Fortnite Season 4 is in full swing and currently players are still poking through the game’s map to find any and all secrets available. But some players are not content with what Epic Games has released to kick off Season 4; they want to know what’s coming in the next 69 days.

Luckily, some datamines have revealed all of the new skins, back blings, pickaxes, and gliders that will be releasing for Fortnite in Season 4. And eventhough the theme of Season 4 is apparently superheroes, there are some other non-hero options to look forward to as well.

Uncommon Skins and Glider

In the uncommon category, are two character skins, one female and one male, dubbed Liteshow and Nitelite. These skins feature characters with completely blacked out textures and then neon coloring layered over top. In essence, they are supposed to look like characters at a rave, with a blacklight only revealing select design elements. Whether that effect will “play” in the daytime is unclear, however.

fortnite liteshow skin

fortnite nitelite skin

There is also an uncommon glider called Glow Rider to match the look of these neon skins, as well as two additional uncommon gliders called Steadfast and Solid Strider. Both have a military look, which should match with the higher rarity tier skins and pickaxes.

fortnite glow rider glider

fortnite steadfast glider

fortnite solid strider glider

Rare Skins and Pickaxes

In the rare category are the Chromium and Diecast skins, which give a female and male character chrome skin. Presumably, this is Epic Games’ take on the character of Colossus from X-Men, with a military garb and shiny metal skin where exposed. These skins fall more in line with the superhero theme of Season 4 for Fortnite, but they also have the military stylings that Epic tends to use as an underlying design element.

fortnite chromium skin

fortnite diecast skin

There are also three rare pickaxes coming in Season 4, the Glow Stick, the Tenderizer and the Persuader. The Tenderizer, as its name implies, looks like a tenderizer tool that a chef might use to soften meat, while the Persuader looks like a portable missile launcher.

fortnite glow stick pickaxe

fortnite tenderizer pickaxe

fortnite persuader pickaxe

Epic Skins, Pickaxes, and Back Bling

Jumping up to epic rarity items, Fortnite has quite a few planned for Season 4. For skins, Fortnite is adding the Abstrakt male skin that has a graffiti tagger theme; a Trailblazer female skin that features a sure-headed pilot; and the Royale Bomber skin that has a more old-fashioned pilot look with a blue uniform.

fortnite abstrakt skin

fortnite trailblazer skin

fortnite royale bomber skin

To complement the Abstrakt skin, Fortnite is adding a Renegade Roller pickaxe that is essentially a giant paint roller, as well as a Tag Bag back bling that features a few paint cans and splatters. And finally there is the True North back bling, which has a clean military look, presumably to go along with the Royale Bomber skin.

fortnite renegade roller pickaxe

fortnite tag bag back bling

fortnite true north back bling

While Epic Games has not announced any release dates for these skins, Fortnite players can expect them to pop up throughout Season 4, which runs until early July. As always, Game Rant will keep players posted as soon as each skin or cosmetic item is available.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Storm Shield One (via Fortnite Intel)



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