Is Fortnite Adding Dinosaurs?

Is Fortnite Adding Dinosaurs?

Fortnite‘s season 4 update has brought with it a host of changes to the game’s ever-evolving map, including the addition of a secret supervillain lair and the destruction of Dusty Depot (now known as Dusty Divot). While season 5 is still months away, fans have found clues that may reveal what its theme will be.

Whereas season 3 of Fortnite was space-themed and season 4 is superhero-themed, it looks as though season 5 may have a dinosaur theme. At least, that’s one theory floating around since fans have discovered what appears to be a giant dinosaur footprint just south of Snobby Shores. However, other additions to the map may suggest that this dinosaur footprint is fake and part of an in-game movie production.

This is because numerous film cameras have also been added to the Fortnite map, suggesting that the dinosaur footprint could be a part of a movie set. In fact, this could be a sign that season 4’s theme is not just about superheroes, but blockbuster films in general.

fortnite season 4 dinosaur footprint

After all, the dinosaur footprint could easily be a nod to the upcoming release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this summer, and the superhero content could be a reference to Hollywood’s recent obsession with comic book movies. The aforementioned supervillain lair could also arguably be a reference to spy films like James Bond, as opposed to superheroes, though that particular addition could go either way.

For even more evidence that Fortnite season 4’s actual theme is Hollywood, fans just have to take a look at the green screens that are now placed all over the map. Some fans have even put these green screens to good use, releasing creative and funny videos with them.

Whether or not Fortnite is adding dinosaurs or if the footprint is just a general reference to blockbuster films remains to be seen. However, it’s clear that Epic games has added a ton of new secrets to the map in the season 4 update, and it will be interesting to see what else fans discover in the coming weeks.

Fortnite is available now in early access on iOS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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