Fortnite Datamine Uncovers Blockbuster Challenge 2 LS

Fortnite Datamine Uncovers Blockbuster Challenge 2 LS

Fortnite season 4 is here and has given fans plenty of reasons to get excited for the game all over again. Epic kicked-off the season by destroying Dusty Depot, and introducing a host of smaller map changes and new items. Players have been having a grand ole time scouring the game for new secrets, and one Reddit user may have found a new hint at what’s to come later on in the season.

On the Fortnite subreddit, a user going by the handle “Hexecutioner1” posted what looks like one of the game’s loading screens. His title for the post describes it as the loading screen reward for Blockbuster Challenge 2, and it was something they came across during their efforts to datamine the game. As seen above, the image depicts what appears to be Omega escaping from the unnamed prison location during the chaos caused by the meteor impact.

Those who’ve jumped into Fortnite this past week should recognize this Omega as the fully-upgraded version of the tier 100 season 4 Battle Pass reward. Unlike last season’s John Wick, it looks like Omega will have more to do than just be a highly sought after prize for enthusiastic players, which is something the unearthed title and description for the image heavily supports.

fortnite meteor strike at drivein

According to Hexecutioner1, the title for this image is “At Last… I Am Free,” and its description reads: “I will reclaim my power. I will gather my allies. I will have my vengeance.” They go on to theorize that it was Omega that caused the explosion in the loading screen reward for Blockbuster Challenge 1. If that’s the case, then Omega might just be a big part of this season’s overarching narrative. It also wouldn’t be surprising if the nuke-equipped villain lair winds up being Omega’s base.

The image also holds what might a clue to another free rank hidden on the map. If one looks closely, they will see some letters and numbers scribbled on the wall: A4, B4, B3, A3. These become coordinates when applied to the game’s map, and the current theory is that players will find the free rank in a spot somewhere between all four locations. The week one loading screen also hid the location of a free rank in it, so it’s probably safe to say that these screens will act in a manner similar to season 4’s treasure maps.

Fortnite is already massively successful, but it looks like Epic is committed to keeping the game fresh and interesting for its player base rather than sitting back and just letting the cash roll in. It certainly appears to be working, too. Instead of slowing down after the meteoric rise the game’s enjoyed over the past few month, Fortnite is still going quite strong. Unless something major happens, it’s hard to picture Fortnite getting knocked-off the battle royale throne anytime soon.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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