Destiny 2 Servers Going Down Ahead of Warmind Launch

Destiny 2 Servers Going Down Ahead of Warmind Launch

Bungie has announced that the Destiny 2 servers will go offline for maintenance ahead of the launch of Warmind, the game’s second DLC add-on. The developer expects the maintenance to last about 5 hours, starting at 6am PT on May 8th.

Tuesday maintenance is fairly common with the launch of a major Destiny update, but typically the developer likes to get game files onto players’ hard drives in advance. This time, things are coming in a little under the wire, with a 5-hour maintenance window right before the new content is set to launch.

For those that are curious, Bungie says that the Destiny 2 Warmind update should be available for pre-load at 10am PT. It’s unclear how large the DLC and update files will be, but Bungie says players should expect the full Destiny 2 file to jump up to about 70GB.

No doubt Bungie is playing with fire by offering the download right before Warmind is set to go live, but the good news is now that reset has been moved to Tuesday mornings, the developer should be better prepared for the launch. Past Destiny DLC launches, most notably Rise of Iron, have resulted in extended queue times due to server overload. And when this happens in the middle of the night – reset use to be at 1am/2am PT on Tuesday mornings – there isn’t as much that Bungie can do. Hopefully, Warmind’s launch will be smooth.

While the focus of Tuesday’s maintenance is to prepare Destiny 2 for the launch of Warmind, non-DLC owners have plenty to look forward to as well. The Warmind update, number 1.2, will include the exotic tuning rebalance that will boost the power of numerous exotic weapons in the game. Weapons like Graviton Lance and Skyburner’s Oath should see increased usage following the update, perhaps even rivaling some of the top weapons in Destiny 2.

Update 1.2 also includes the new Crucible Ranking system that will offer separate ranks for Casual and Competitive play. Players will be able to increase in rank and work towards unique rewards, like the Redrix’s Claymore pulse rifle.

Crucible fans will also gain access to all of the DLC maps for Destiny 2, including the two new ones launching with Warmind. Bungie is hoping to unite the Crucible community by giving them access to all PvP maps, although non-DLC owners cannot use the add-on maps in Private Matches.

So even those that aren’t purchasing Warmind have something to look forward to on Tuesday, but they will have to wait a bit to check everything out.

Destiny 2: Warmind releases May 8, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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