Fortnite Announces Glider Re-Deploy Test

Fortnite Announces Glider Re-Deploy Test

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Without a doubt, the 50v50 LTM is one of the most fan-favored modes in Fortnite. The Soaring 50’s twist, which allowed players to re-deploy gliders, was also well-received and has been featured a number of times. Now, it appears what makes that mode unique is coming to other modes in Epic Games’ popular battle royale title Fortnite.

Announced October 23 by Epic Games, it was revealed that Fortnite would be hosting a glider re-deploy test alongside the v6.20 update. This test will see the aforementioned feature be present in all Fortnite matches (solo, duos, and squads) for a full week. Like Soaring 50’s, however, players will need to be at least three stories high for this to work.

The plan appears to be testing how this mobile mechanic will work in the game. Recently, the title has added various mobile mechanics to the game from vehicles to the Season 6 addition of Shadow Stones. Having this mechanic available in all match types would certainly see the vertical aspects of the game change, likely for the better.


This news also follows a recent leak that suggested players would soon be able to adjust the gravity of the Playground mode. If true, when coupled with this glider test, it could seemingly suggest some high-flying stunts or crazy kills will be coming to the popular battle royale title.

Of course, the results of this test remain to be seen, but having this feature present in ordinary matches is likely to be well-received. After all, this could make escaping the storm or just traveling across the battle island much easier on the player. In the meantime, players also have the upcoming Halloween Fortnitemares event to look forward to, which is starting very soon.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Source: Epic Games