Destiny 2: Trigger the Heroic Warsat Public Event

Destiny 2: Trigger the Heroic Warsat Public Event

This week, Destiny 2 launched its latest DLC expansion, Warmind, which includes new gear to collect, new story missions, and a new patrol area on Mars to explore. With that new patrol area, comes a new public event, or at least a riff on a familiar public event from Destiny 1.

Destiny veterans should recognize the Warsat that appears on Hellas Basin, but since the first game didn’t feature heroic public events there is some mystery involving how to trigger the harder challenge. Luckily, we have all the details.

Heroic Warsat Public Event

To trigger the Heroic Warsat, players need to destroy the three Shriekers that appear around the fallen Golden Age tech. Each Shrieker is “connected” to an elite Hive enemy that will appear at certain intervals during the public event. Kill the elite (usually it’s a Knight or a Wizard) and the Shrieker will open, revealing its weak point.

After destroying the three Shriekers, the Warsat public event will turn into the Heroic version. Players will then have a little tougher battle on their hands and the promise of better rewards when everything is complete.

warsat incoming hellas basin

To recap, trigging the Heroic Warsat on Mars involves:

  • Step 1: Kill the elite Hive Knight or Wizard to open the Shrieker
  • Step 2: Destroy 1 Shrieker
  • Step 3: Repeat the cycle until all three Shriekers are eliminated

If they aren’t participating in the Escalation Protocol event, players are unlikely to spend too much time grinding on Mars since the new patrol area is not the Flashpoint for the week. Bungie smartly made all of the Milestones feature original Destiny 2 content, so that all players could participate regardless of if they bought Warmind or not. But when Mars does become the Flashpoint, which will likely be next week, readers will have a headstart on turning it Heroic.

The “new” Warsat public event is just one of the additions released as part of the Warmind DLC. For now players are checking out the new story missions, seeing what the new strikes are all about, and working towards the new power level cap of 380. And on Friday, the final Leviathan raid lair, Spire of Stars, will launch.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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