Crackdown 3 Trailer Introduces Terry Crews Character

Crackdown 3 Trailer Introduces Terry Crews Character

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Terry Crews‘ role in Crackdown 3 was officially announced during the Xbox @ E3 live show, where Crews starred in a live-action video. But Crews’ character himself, one Commander Agent Isaiah Jaxon, was left unrevealed — at least until now. Microsoft Studios had a small surprise for San Diego Comic Convention attendees of the Crackdown 3 panel with a look at Jaxon himself.

The trailer is unfortunately just a few seconds long, but it gives a solid look at cyber-Terry Crews/Jaxon. As folks will probably intuit just from watching, this level of visual fidelity shouldn’t be expected from gameplay. In fact, based on what was shown at E3, players shouldn’t expect even a facsimile of this kind of detail. This trailer features cutscene quality visuals similar to what’s been used in the Halo franchise in recent years. Don’t expect in-game Jaxon to look similar.

It’s not that the Xbox One isn’t capable of producing better quality gameplay visuals. It’s just that Crackdown 3 is using that hardware power in other areas. Namely, environmental destruction is its priority. In-game characters may look a little low-poly compared to other modern games, but other modern games won’t let players blow up everything they can see with a maximum power punch.

It should be clear by now that Crackdown 3 is going to feature Terry Crews more than prominently, outside of the game and within it. Crews has always been a viral superstar, both because of his Old Spice commercials and his general celebrity charm and charisma. He connected with the online PC gaming community asking for help building a PC for himself and his son, then got caught up in rumors regarding Overwatch‘s Doomfist voice acting. Microsoft stumbled onto a perfect storm of someone people love seeing on-screen and someone who represents the personality of Crackdown 3. Let’s just hope they don’t lean too hard into it and let Crews overshadow Crackdown 3 itself.

There’s obviously much more of Crackdown 3 left to show prior to its holiday release. The gameplay shown during E3 was brief and unfocused, showing gameplay variety in flashy ways to titillate the live audience. More focused marketing on how Reagent Games and its collaborative studios are using the hardware to create exciting, visually distinct gameplay intermingled with insanely high-detail Terry Crews is certain to come in the months ahead.

Crackdown 3 is scheduled to launch on November 7 exclusively for the Xbox One.