Pokemon GO: Raid End Times Extended In Some Regions

Pokemon GO: Raid End Times Extended In Some Regions

Battle Raids are one of the most popular features in Pokemon GO, due to their ability to get players working together for the chance to catch powerful and Legendary monsters. Although the feature has come a long way since its bug-filled beginnings, there are still some complaints about the system. One of the biggest problems may be about to get at least a seasonal fix.

Pokemon GO players have been complaining all winter about how early in the evening Battle Raids stop spawning. The Raids kick off way too early in the morning, when most players are asleep or getting ready for school and work, and are pretty much finished for the day by 7pm or so. Luckily, it sounds like that may be changing this week (just in time for the Latios/Latias rotation!).

Players in multiple regions around the world are reporting that Battle Raids have been staying active until as late as 9:30pm. Here is what we know, thanks to the Reddit community, about the Battle Raids in each region so far…

Middle East

Qatar, Oman, UAE (as of 9th May 2018)


France, UK, Germany, Spain (as of 9th May 2018)

Greece, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands (Extended 2 months ago by two hours): YouTube Link: Reversal

The Americas (North/South/Central)

No extensions reported (as of 9th May 2018)


Thailand, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong (GMT+8), Russia (GMT+10), Japan (as of 10th May 2018)!


Australia, New Zealand (as of 10th May 2018)

Note: Certain parts of countries (Germany/UK) in Europe got the extension 2 months ago, while a few got them yesterday (9th May). Raid times are split by longitude (not country).

Pokemon GO EX Raid invite changes controversy

Niantic hasn’t made any official announcements about the change or acknowledged it on social media. Raid times have always been strangely mysterious, so that’s not too surprising. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction though and the changes will be put in place worldwide before long.

We’ll keep an eye out for an official announcement and update if one arrives. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit



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