Minecraft for Switch Gets Cross-Play

Minecraft for Switch Gets Cross-Play

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch received glowing reviews all around. However, while everyone else gets to play with friends regardless of console choice, Switch players are limited to interacting with other Switch players – that is, until June 20.

Along with a new physical edition of Minecraft Switch coming June 20, the “Better Together” update will drop a day later and bring cross-play functionality to Minecraft Switch Edition. This should come as welcome news to Switch owners wishing to build castles, slay zombies, and explore the world with their friends on other platforms. The Better Together update will allow full cross-platform play between Switch, Xbox, PC, Mac, VR, Android and iOS.

Nintendo of America announced that the Better Together update is coming to Minecraft Switch Edition via Twitter.

The Bedrock physical version of Minecraft Switch, releasing a day before the Better Together update, will be available for $29.99. However, players who already own Minecraft Switch Edition will be able to download the Better Together update for free. This update will also bring the Switch version up to speed with the other consoles, equalizing world size and content across platforms. The updated Minecraft on Switch will also include previously released content, such as the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, and will grant access to the Minecraft Marketplace. Additionally, Minecraft Switch will support achievements and Gamerscore.

“Bringing the definitive version of Minecraft to Nintendo Switch is a huge step forward in our journey to unite Minecraft players across any device,” said Microsoft’s head of gaming, Phil Spencer. “We’ve worked closely with Nintendo to bring an amazing experience to the Nintendo Switch system’s dynamic and rapidly-growing ecosystem and couldn’t be more excited to deliver what Minecraft players have been asking for.”

Minecraft Switch Halo Edition art

For now, the online components of Minecraft Switch Edition will be free, taking advantage of the Nintendo’s fleeting cost-free online service. However, come September, players will have to enroll in Nintendo’s paid online service in order to play online.

Minecraft has been a unifying game in many respects, not the least of which bringing cross-play to a Nintendo console. It was revealed last year that a Halo-inspired Master Chief skin would be appearing as an option with the Halo mash-up pack, available on the Nintendo Switch. Now all we need is for PS4 to join in on the cross-play fun.

Minecraft is currently available across every major platform.

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