Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Sleeper Simulant

Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Sleeper Simulant

Destiny 2 players are busy picking apart Warmind to learn all of the secrets it has stored away, and one of those secrets is the exotic linear fusion rifle, the Sleeper Simulant. To get this fusion rifle though, players will have to jump through several challenging hoops before they can wield this powerful weapon.

Legacy Code

Following the completion of Destiny 2‘s Warmind campaign, returning to Ana Bray will net players the Ikelos Hand Cannon and a new quest. This quest requires hive and cabal to be defeated with the Ikelos Hand Canon – the Cabal have to be defeated with precision shots.

This step is lengthy, but tackling the adventures on Mars will make the process quicker. The patrol area by Braytech spawns both types of enemies, so players can just hang out there as well. Players can patrol all around mars and defeat enemies while looking for the Lost Fragments.

Rasputin’s Culling

After completing the Legacy Code, the new mission will task players to defeat “powerful enemies” with the Ikelos hand cannon. Players can just do public events and lost sectors, but there is a much easier way to do this step.

Load into Nessus by the Exodus Down, and start the adventure “Exodus Siege” (talk to Failsafe if this adventure has been completed and she will load it again). By the adventure beacon, there is a cave along the right wall where cloaked marauders will spawn as part of the mission. Killing them will cause them to drop the scout report. Don’t pick this up, but instead keep killing them as they spawn.

These are yellow-bar enemies so if players defeat them with the hand cannon it will count toward the quest progress. Should the scout report be picked up, simply abandon the adventure and start again.

destiny 2 valkyrie patrol mars warmind

Warmind’s Glory

This quest step is straightforward: Complete five heroic strikes with the Ikelos hand cannon equipped. This part of the quest suffers from the same bug that the milestone does, so make sure to follow the precautionary steps to make sure that the progress is tracked.

Escalation Protocol and Sleeper Nodes

For the next step, players must complete levels in Escalation Protocol and access 15 Sleeper Nodes, all with the Ikelos weapon equipped. These nodes can be accessed by collecting four resonance stems from public events, lost sectors, and other Mars events.

Four of these stems turns into one resonance frequency. 60 resonance stems are needed to complete this, so get to grinding patrols or public events.

The Final Step

The last step is to complete a high level version of the Will of the Thousands mission with the hand cannon equipped. Return to Ana to claim the powerful linear fusion rifle.

Sleeper Simulant packed a punch back in Destiny, and it seems virtually unchanged from its original counterpart. Equip this weapon to help with the new Spire of Stars raid lair, and it should be a much easier experience.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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