Bungie Dev Admits Destiny 2 Launch Mods Were 'Awful'

Bungie Dev Admits Destiny 2 Launch Mods Were 'Awful'

With Destiny 2, Bungie introduced a ton of new features to the well-established and popular FPS title. Some of the changes were well received and helped streamline the experience of Destiny, while others (like the Token system) were almost universally disliked. But a select few showed promise even if their execution was lacking in some areas.

One Destiny 2 feature that most agree was good in theory but did not meet expectations are mods. In fact, Bungie developer Josh Hamrick agrees that mods are sorely lacking in versatility and wow factor, going so far as to call them “bad.”

While serving as a guest on the Destiny Community Podcast (alongside Senior Gameplay Designer Jon Weisnewksi), the Bungie Sandbox Design lead shared some thoughts on the failure of mods. But more than that, Hamrick admits that mods were a disappointment in Destiny 2.

“The mods we shipped with D2 were awful. The whole system is bad and I can say that because I worked on it.”

The good news is that Hamrick says that the mods that shipped with Destiny 2 were awful, which suggests that Bungie has plans to introduce new mods that will better meet players’ expectations. When Destiny 2 previews first talked about mods, players envisioned a system that would help them customize their builds by favoring specific perks on armor and weapons, but Bungie went in a completely different direction. Mods, as they exist now, basically help increase the recharge rate of abilities for specific subclasses or they boost the mobility, resilience, or recovery stat.

It’s unclear when Bungie might revamp mods in Destiny 2, but it could be when the September expansion launches. According to the updated roadmap, Destiny 2 will introduce weapon slot changes and weapon randomization, which could be the developer’s way of letting players customize their builds.

Some will remember that the roadmap actually included a bullet point for Mods 2.0, which has since been removed completely. Bungie never said why, but the developer did say that it needed more time to look at how to improve mods. Perhaps random rolls replaced mods 2.0.

While hearing Hamrick say Destiny 2’s base mods are bad likely won’t help players feel better about the experience, the fact that he is willing to admit that fact brings hope that change is on the way. If Bungie can get past trying to make something work and simply accept that it is not meeting fans’ expectations then better features can come in and replace the “bad” ones.

Destiny 2: Warmind is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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20 March 2018