Sony Teases Paris Games Week Reveals

Sony Teases Paris Games Week Reveals

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When Sony attended Paris Games Week in 2016, the company brought with it a handful of exciting reveals and announcements, including a trailer for Detroit: Become Human. And now that Sony has confirmed that it will be returning to the event this year, it has vowed to impress fans once more.

Sony confirms that on October 30, 2017 at 3PM GMT / 4PM CET, the PlayStation Live From Paris Games Week will begin and it promises “a slew of updates and announcements”. This will then be followed up by the main event, the Paris Games Week 2017 Media Showcase, which will also offers a look at some “spectacular games” which will be coming to PS4 and the PlayStation VR headset.

Moreover, the Showcase will be followed by a “de-brief” which should include more information on those announcements and reveals. Sony also confirms that PlayStation Live, the Media Showcase, and the de-brief will be streamed to viewers around the world via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and


Sony’s announcement post teases “big new game announcements” and fans have already started to make some educated guesses about what the company will show off. The most likely reveal seems to be the confirmation of the Detroit: Become Human release date. The hotly anticipated title has been penciled in for a 2018 release, but Sony has yet to provide anything more specific than that. As developer Quantic Dream is based in France, it would make sense to make the announcement on home turf.

It’s also possible that fans will get a God of War release date too. God of War‘s E3 2017 trailer impressed fans who are eager to find out more. The steady drip-feed of information about the game lately, including additional trailers and info tidbits, could suggest that a larger announcement will be made at Paris Games Week.

However, there are plenty of unlikely announcements too. After The Last of Us: Part Two Outbreak Day festivities saw fans piecing together clues and creating even more theories, many are desperate for some more official information. But developer Naughty Dog may not yet be ready to showcase its game in action and will probably hold back any gameplay until PlayStation Experience, the bigger, Sony-hosted affair that takes place in December. But even without the Naughty Dog exclusive, Paris Games Week should offer enough reveals to keep fans happy.

Source: PlayStation Blog