Vampyr PS4 Trophies Revealed

Vampyr PS4 Trophies Revealed

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It is just over two weeks until Dotnod Entertainment’s vampire-based action role-playing game, Vampyr, will be available for purchase. As the release date draws closer, more information about the game is being made known. Along with the title recently having gone “gold,” a trophy list has also been revealed to the public.

Vampyr will include 29 trophies in total, many of which seem to be directly related to completing the game’s main story. It is clear from looking at the list that the decisions players make during their playthrough will affect the trophies they unlock.

Vampyr's protagonist introduces a baddie to his pistol.

Of the 29 trophies available in the game, 6 are bronze, 17 are silver, and 5 are gold, with the final being the ever-coveted platinum trophy. A full breakdown of the trophies available in Vampyr is as follows:

  • Time is on My Side – Earn all trophies
  • From Here to Eternity – Go to the Shelter and rest…
  • At Dawn We Row – Take a ride with Doctor Swansea
  • Just take a Bite – Embrace Clay during your first meeting with him
  • Merciful Release – Let Clay live during your first meeting with him
  • Pest Control – Eat 10 rats
  • Unlife is Strange – Save this poor plant with water
  • The Tools of the Profession – Find all melee weapons
  • Keep Your Distance – Find all ranged weapons
  • Weapons of Choice – Find all off-hand weapons
  • Bloody Roots – Find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus
  • Lore Keeper – Gather all collectibles
  • Hippocratic Oath – Heal 10 citizens
  • That’s Better – Upgrade a weapon with a module
  • Work in Progress – Upgrade a weapon
  • Solid Metal Gear – Upgrade a weapon to level 5
  • Interview with the Vampire – Take care of Dorothy’s fate
  • Sacrificial Lamb – Take care of Sean’s fate
  • Prepare to Die – Take care of Aloysius’s fate
  • The Dying Swansea – Take care of Swansea’s fate
  • Anarchy in the UK – Turn a district to hostile status
  • A Taste for Blood – Complete the game
  • Not Even Once – Finish the game without killing any citizens
  • Defeat the Beast – Defeat Fergal
  • Hail Mary – Defeat Mary
  • Death on Stage – Defeat Doris
  • Bury the Hatchet – Defeat McCullum
  • Unnatural Disaster – Defeat the Disaster
  • London’s Burning – Turn all districts to hostile status

Dotnod Entertainment previously stated the game will only have one save slot, meaning that players will have to play through the game a second time in order to unlock all trophies. In explaining the reason behind this decision, the developers stated that they wanted players to feel the gravity of their decisions. It was also previously revealed that the game will take between 15 and 30 hours to beat, depending on how much of the side content the player chooses to engage in, meaning that it is completely possible for players to see each and every ending if they really want to.

Vampyr is Dotnod Entertainment’s third effort, with the studio’s previous works being Remember Me and Life is Strange, both of which critics received rather positively. The new title will ultimately tell the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, an early 20th-century doctor-turned-vampire, who aims to find a cure for the Spanish flu while struggling with his new status as a bloodsucking fiend. Hopefully, the game will be able to deliver an experience that makes players want to unlock every trophy and see each ending.

Vampyr is set to be released on June 5, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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