State of Decay 2 Won't Feature Microtransactions

State of Decay 2 Won't Feature Microtransactions

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Some gamers may think that zombies are overplayed, but State of Decay seems to have brought a fresh perspective to the genre. For that reason, its upcoming sequel is expected to be one of the best Xbox One exclusives for 2018. Recently, Undead Labs participated in an official livestream where it answered questions from its gaming community.

One of the questions pertained to whether or not State of Decay 2 would contain microtransactions, to which the developers stated the game wouldn’t feature microtransactions for now. Later, there may be expansions similar to that of the first game, but it seems unlikely that the survival game would feature the style of micro-purchases that have proven to be controversial. It seems likely, though, that any add-ons that come later in State of Decay 2 would be substantial, as the first game featured entire campaigns as DLC.

This new fact may actually pretty surprising for some, considering the game’s release date and cheap purchase price. With the game coming so soon, releasing cheaper than a typical game, and being available via Xbox Game Pass, it seems like Microsoft or Undead Labs could opt for microtransactions to offset the cost. But neither company actually is pursuing this route, which many gamers’ wallets may appreciate.

State of Decay 2 News Coming at E3 2017 - State of Decay 2 zombies

The microtransaction question, however, wasn’t the only answered by Undead Labs during the livestream. It was also revealed to take place fifteen months after the events of the first game, meaning that characters will be more experienced with the undead plague. Moreover, loot will be more fitting to the discovery location, and loot containers will be generated for each player. Neither will co-op play increase the difficulty.

Speaking of its co-op feature, State of Decay 2 recently revealed a 25-minute co-op gameplay video. It was also revealed that there wouldn’t be friendly fire, with the exception of a “mercy shot” that stops infected players from turning into a zombie. With the news concerning microtransactions, loot, and co-op gameplay, it seems State of Decay 2 is revving up for a powerful launch.

State of Decay 2 is scheduled to release on May 22, 2018, for Xbox One and Windows PC.

Source: Wccftech