Fortnite Save The World Players Upset after Last Patch

Fortnite Save The World Players Upset after Last Patch

While Fortnite’s Save the World mode has always seemed to come second to its Battle Royale portion, players haven’t seriously complained. However, it seems that the recent 3.2 patch, which also included the teams of 20 mode, is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Save the World players have demanded refunds and vowed to stop playing after the recent patch rerolled stats of the game’s rare Dragon Weapons.

These weapons were special event-only weapons for Spring update, and due to the nature of powerful weapons in Fortnite, this change means the loss of some serious grinding or even real money. Moreover, Epic Games didn’t even tell its players that these changes were forthcoming, and as a result, several threads have popped up from players seeking refunds, with one player even claiming over $600.


Epic did acknowledge the discontent brewing among Save the World players, stating, “Hey Folks, we messed up, we changed the perks on the Dragon Weapons and didn’t tell you we were doing it.” Furthermore, Epic explained the re-rolls were necessary due to an error causing the Dragon weapons to ignore perk rules:

“In this specific case, we should have waited until we shipped the perk re-roll system to touch any perks on a large scale, to allow you to adjust for when we make significant balance changes. The change should have also included a grant of evolution materials and XP to refund what players had already invested in the weapons containing Critical Chance. We’ve decided that is a good philosophy going forward.”

Patch 3.2 also fixed a wall and trap issue for console players, as another example of patches being geared toward the Battle Royale mode. This anger has also spilled over into subreddits for the Saint Patrick’s Day skins, so this doesn’t seem like an issue that’s going away anytime soon.

Save the World players who paid for the game are essentially upset about the fact that Battle Royale, which is free, gets more support and updates than Save the World, and their ire is understandable. It is also worth noting that Fortnite Battle Royale has also been confirmed for mobile, another move sure to fan the flames of Save the World players.

Fortnite is available now in early access on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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