Deal Alert: Get Far Cry Primal for $35 Today Only

Deal Alert: Get Far Cry Primal for $35 Today Only

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Amazon lists Far Cry Primal as part of its Amazon’s Gold Box Deal, allowing gamers to purchase copies of the game for $35. The sale is valid today only!

Gamers who are still on the fence about joining up with the Wenja Tribe in Far Cry Primal may be enticed by the cheapest offer yet: Amazon is now listing the game for $35, an offer valid for today only. It’s not often you see a game like Far Cry Primal (released less than two months ago) discounted to such a price, and the move is sure to incur plenty of sales for Amazon, which marked down the title as part of its Amazon’s Gold Box deal.

The offer is valid for physical copies of the Xbox One, PS4, and PC editions of the game. While PC fans can also get the discount applied to the digital-download version of Primal, those looking for digital codes on Xbox One and PS4 still have to pay full price to avoid the hassle of shipping a physical disc. Interested fans can click here to check out the discounted title, which we described as a ‘fresh take on a tried and true layout’ in our review.

far cry primal voice actor takkar

Ubisoft is slated to introduce an all-new permadeath mode in tomorrow’s big patch for the more hardcore gamers out there, which is admittedly serendipitous timing. In combination with the previously introduced expert mode, the title should be able to bring more than enough challenge for any gamer looking to get their visceral combat fix. The aforementioned patch will also add 4K texture options into the game for PC players, for those looking to really appreciate the gnats in a Mammoth’s hair.

The game also includes plenty of references to older Ubisoft titles, and even Conan O’Brien himself couldn’t resist chucking a good spear or two.

Ubisoft’s gamble in taking the series in a new direction looks like it has paid off so far, despite the fact that the game shamelessly re-used terrain-based assets from Far Cry 4. The game removes the guns and vehicles that were staple to the series, replacing them with controllable animals, spears, clubs, and bows. While it sounds like a drastically different experience, those familiar with the series should be able to grasp the controls and fundamentals right from the get-go.

What do you think about the daily deal, Ranters? Is this enough for you to consider picking up a copy of Far Cry Primal?

Once again, gamers can find the deal by clicking here.

Far Cry Primal is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: Amazon