Conan and PewDiePie Play Far Cry Primal

Conan and PewDiePie Play Far Cry Primal

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Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien invites the popular YouTube personality PewDiePie to play Far Cry Primal with him on his Clueless Gamer segment.

Part promotion for PewDiePie’s own digital series on YouTube Red, and part advertisement for Ubisoft’s recently-released prehistoric action-adventure game, Far Cry Primal, comedian Conan O’Brien and the Let’s Play star take on some of the title’s combat, beast mastering, and mammoth riding. Obviously, considering the Clueless Gamer segment was created as a portion of the talk show host’s comedy and variety hour, the resulting clip contains plenty of jokes at the expense of Far Cry Primal.

While PewDiePie is naturally adept with the controls of Far Cry Primal as it’s his job to play video games for a living, much like in previous Clueless Gamer installments, Conan’s attempt to play through the title is equally abysmal and hilarious. In fact, one of the best parts of the footage finds the TV host completely unaware that he’s supposed to be controlling an owl to attack enemies from above, as he lets the animal haplessly crash into the side of a cliff on two different occasions.

As seen in the video below, thanks to Conan’s sharp observations and quick-witted quips ranging from lighthearted jabs at broadcast legend Larry King to Far Cry Primal‘s seemingly perverted and depraved badger companion, the Clueless Gamer segment is quite funny. PewDiePie, strangely enough, barely even says a word, which is typically not his MO when it comes to commenting on games he’s playing.

Of course, this is just the latest entry for the long-running Clueless Gamer bit, as Conan O’Brien has tackled numerous triple-A titles in the past. As it happens, previous to his playthrough of Far Cry Primal with PewDiePie, the comedian had

Regardless of whether or not fans enjoyed Conan’s and PewDiePie’s antics with Far Cry Primal above, it’s hard to deny that the gameplay appeared to be pretty engaging, if not incredibly diverse. By employing the tried-and-true elements of the Far Cry franchise’s first-person combat and switching it up with low-tech weaponry, and also allowing players to use wildlife as controllable avatars and vehicles — the title features saber-toothed tiger riding, for example — Ubisoft’s latest title ought to be a pleasant surprise to those who haven’t played it yet.

With that in mind, should there still be some folks who are on the fence about picking up Far Cry Primal now that it’s out, they would do well to check out our review of the game and get a better sense of what to expect. After all, considering all of the changes Ubisoft made to the franchise’s core components, it’s understandable for fans to do a little research before purchasing it.

Far Cry Primal is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Team Coco — YouTube