PUBG Xbox One Update Gets Rid of Starting Area

PUBG Xbox One Update Gets Rid of Starting Area

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on Xbox One will likely have noticed a sizable update that was released for the game yesterday, and may be wondering exactly what that update does. Among other things, the update removes the original starting area, instead putting players in a variety of pre-match lobbies in order to improve the game’s performance.

Additionally, when players spawn in these starting areas, they will notice that weapons have been removed as well. While some may be disappointed in these changes, it seems to have greatly improved PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ performance on Xbox One, which many would likely hold in higher importance than being able to goof off for a minute before matches.

The new update also makes some important changes to vehicles. Originally, vehicles were far too deadly in PUBG on Xbox One, but then a later patch made them pathetically weak. The latest update makes vehicles somewhat stronger in that they won’t sustain so much damage from terrain and objects in the environment, which should hopefully result in them being a bit more balanced.

pubg sniper burning car

These are the biggest changes in PUBG‘s new Xbox One update, but players will notice some other things as well. For one, the design of the energy drink item has been changed to look more generic, whereas before it largely resembled Red Bull. Secondly, players can now rotate their avatar in the customization screen using the right stick so they can get a better idea of how their character will look going into battle.

The new update for PUBG on Xbox One also addresses a number of lingering bugs in the game. It fixes some issues with water sound effects, addresses a problem with the red zone disappearing right after it appears, and also makes it so players shouldn’t randomly teleport after they first land. It also fixes bugs that were making the revive animation stop prematurely, causing objects to float, and more.

With this latest update, the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has made significant progress towards its full release. Of course, there are still significant updates for the game on the horizon, including the addition of the Miramar desert map in the coming months.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now for PC and on Xbox One through early access.

Source: PlayBattlegrounds

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