Pokemon GO: Best Ho-Oh Counters In Current Meta

Pokemon GO: Best Ho-Oh Counters In Current Meta

Although some Pokemon GO players are unhappy with Ho-Oh and Latias/Latios appearing at the same time; there are still level 5 Battle Raids that need to be defeated. Players should be well aware of the differences between battling Latios and Latias, but many trainers may need a refresher on Ho-Oh’s weaknesses.

Ho-Oh is a powerful Legendary Battle Raid boss, so Pokemon GO raiders need to bring a strong team to the table to be able to defeat it. Although the weaknesses are similar to Moltres’, things are more difficult because Ho-Oh has a chance to spawn with Solar Beam. That move is a serious risk for Rock and Water types, so be ready to dodge.

Lots of research and simulations have been done by the trainers at Pokemon GO Hub, so there is a ton of data to help prepare for this fight. Here are the strongest counters that we recommend…

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Golem – Equipped with Rock Throw and Stone Edge

Tyranitar – Equipped with Bite and Stone Edge

Omastar – Equipped with Rock Throw and Rock Slide


Zapdos – Equipped with Charge Beam and Thunderbolt

Raikou – Equipped with Charge Beam and Wild Charge


Kyogre – Equipped with Waterfall and Hydro Pump. (Avoid using when Ho-Oh spawns with Solar Beam)

Pokemon GO Kyogre promo

Additional Options

Rayquaza – Equipped with Dragon Tail and Ancient Power

Jolteon – Equipped with Thunder Shock and Thunder Bolt

This fight is no joke, so hopefully trainers have some of these heavy hitters ready to go, or at least a big group to work with.

Ho-Oh has a base 2% catch rate, so it may take a few raids to actually catch this Legendary. For players hoping to secure a shiny, that could obviously take dozens of raids and a good amount of luck.

So far, Niantic has not announced which Legendary will appear next after Ho-Oh, Latias, and Latios have finished their rotations. We’ll be sure to update once that information is public.

Until then, good luck out there trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub



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