Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Pickpocket

Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Pickpocket

Gamers who have been sinking hours into Kingdom Come: Deliverance this week are well aware that this isn’t your average action RPG. The game is difficult in a way that many players aren’t used to, but the rewards for sticking around in the immersive medieval world are well worth some studying and perseverance.

Many Kingdom Come: Deliverance players have been struggling with the game’s combat system (and the difficult blocking techniques), but that isn’t the only source of pain. Players who want to take a stealthy rogue approach through the adventure will need to master their theiving skills and that includes knowing how to pickpocket without getting caught.

Pickpocketing in this game involved a little more challenging than activating stealth mode and approaching the target from a blind spot. Here is everything players need to know to master the skill…

Unlock The Pickpocket Skill

Lockpicking isn’t possible until players have progressed to a certain point in the game’s campaign. When in Rattay, players will meet Miller Peshek and steal a ring for him. After completing this task, the pickpocketing tutorial will begin.

Sneak Up on the Target

This part of the task will feel familiar to fans of any stealth game. Players need to crouch down and enter sneak mode. Once this is done, approach the target from outside of their line of sight. There is an exception for sleeping targets, which can be approached straight on.


Charge Up

When the player is close enough, a notification will appear and ask if they want to search the target’s purse. After accepting, a pickpocket minigame begins. This is where things get interesting…

A circle will appear on the screen with a number in the middle of it. That number tells the player how much time they have to dig through the target’s pockets before they get caught.

It gets tricky because if players charge the timer for too low a number (one or two seconds), they’ll instantly be caught. If they try to charge it for too long, things won’t go well either. The game’s experts are recommending that players start out by aiming for a 10 second charge.

Steal The Items

After the timer is charged, players will see a prompt with a circular pattern with the timer in the middle. The pattern will contain a number of circles and one or more will be marked with question symbols.

Move the icon to a space with a question mark to pickpocket your first item. Once on the question mark, players can reveal the item and decide if it’s something they want to steal. If the player is happy with this item, they then hit the prompt again to select it. After that, they need to bring the icon back to the top circle with the open door.

At that point, the item is stolen. Failing to complete every step before the time runs out means the player will get busted and have to deal with the anger of whoever they were stealing from.

That’s all there is to it. Be sure to take your time and practice on the town drunk before moving on to more alert targets who won’t be quite as easy to fool. Good luck!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamer Revolution

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