Kingdom Come: Deliverance Sales Reach Nearly 500K

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Sales Reach Nearly 500K

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Although some bugs and performance issues have already cropped up in Kingdom Come: Deliverance – even with its sizable day one patch in place – the story-driven medieval role-playing game from Deep Silver and Warhorse Studios has managed to garner a relatively decent player base just a few days following its release. As it so happens, it looks as if the open world title has seen its sales hit nearly 500,000 across its various platforms.

This much has been divulged by game director Daniel Vávra, who revealed Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s sales milestone on national Czech TV, announcing that the action-RPG has sold 300,000 copies on Steam, and over 100,000 at retail. Naturally, while Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s sales feat is nothing to shake a stick at – especially considering its niche appeal – Vávra went on to state that selling a million copies or more would be nice.

On its launch day, Kingdom Come: Deliverance became Steam’s top seller, and even managed to break into the top five most played games on the digital distribution platform. What’s more is that concurrent player numbers for the action-RPG went on to peak at 75,071 on Valve’s video game service, which is quite an impressive feat for an indie release that wasn’t specifically designed to cater to general audiences.

The reviews for Kingdom Come: Deliverance have been somewhat favorable so far, but those who disliked it seem to have been completely turned off due to the aforementioned performance issues on display after becoming available to the public. Nevertheless, in a bid to refine the game and make it more palatable for fans, Daniel Vávra has stated that he and his team will be addressing some of the game’s criticisms, including its lockpicking and save systems.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Czech TV (via VG24/7)