Metal Gear Survive Players Receive Apology Rewards After Downtime

Metal Gear Survive Players Receive Apology Rewards After Downtime

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Metal Gear Survive may not be selling well in the UK, but the game definitely has found a core community of players. There is some debate about whether the game’s controversial microtransactions and bugs will scare away the existing player base, but it seems like Konami is doing everything in its power to keep those Metal Gear Survive players engaged and active.

After announcing an upcoming co-op rescue mission yesterday, the team behind the game is apparently offering players a little bonus to keep them engaged this morning, as well. The game recently had some downtime for a patch and after the service window finished players began reporting that they found some sweet rewards when they were able to log back in.

Players on Reddit have reported logging in to find 100SV coins and a free boost for 24 hours. There have been multiple report of the reward package so far, but the developers haven’t mentioned the free loot, or why it arrived, through any official channels. At this point, the assumption is that the loot is a gift package for players who are sticking with the game as the kinks are worked out.

As Metal Gear Survive players continue exploring the title, and mastering the game’s skills, it will be interesting to see how frequently Konami updates the title and responds to feedback. So far the team is off to a strong start and it’s possible that the game can overcome the mediocre reviews and build up a strong base by making frequent improvements to the title.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the game and its active community in the coming months to monitor the rate of growth (or possibly the lack thereof). Check back for more updates. Good luck out there, soldiers.

Metal Gear Survive is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit