Metal Gear Survive May Have More Hidden Messages

Metal Gear Survive May Have More Hidden Messages

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Yesterday, eagle-eyed Metal Gear Survive fans discovered a potential hidden message in the game that seemed to reference series creator Hideo Kojima and serve as an act of rebellion against Konami. Now even more anti-Konami hidden messages appear to have been found in the game.

The original hidden message found in Metal Gear Survive came in the form of a list of characters that players see in one of the game’s first cut-scenes. The first letter of the last names on the list spell out KJP FOREVER – which fans have guessed is a reference to Kojima and the original incarnation of Kojima Productions. These new hidden messages are pulled from the same list, with Twitter user Nitroid noticing the phrase “MG KIA” (Metal Gear Killed In Action) as well as possible nods to two of Metal Gear Survive‘s designers, Yota Tsutsumizaki and Yuji Korekado.

Check out the newly discovered hidden messages right here:

It’s unclear if these messages are meant to outright criticize Konami or if they are simply jokes on the part of the development staff. After all, the developers are still working at Konami, whereas Kojima and many other staff members jumped ship to form a new version of Kojima Productions.

Of course, the developers could still be unhappy with Konami and stay working for it. They could be stuck in the job due to financial obligations or any number of reasons, and these secret messages in Metal Gear Survive could be their way of speaking out against Konami without risking the jobs of individual game designers.

Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see if Metal Gear Survive players discover more hidden messages in the game. While it may be a departure from series norms in most regards, Metal Gear Survive does seem to be carrying on the franchise’s tradition of having easter eggs for dedicated fans to discover.

Metal Gear Survive is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.