Metal Gear Survive: How To Use The Medic Skills

Metal Gear Survive: How To Use The Medic Skills

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Metal Gear Survive may not even be a full-price game (unless you add in microtransactions), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t deep. The controversial title already has a die-hard community attempting to master the different mechanics and features and figure out how to get the most benefit from each build. For Metal Gear Survive players who are leaning in the direction of medic, we’ve already got some analysis that should help maximize the gains from each skill.

First, players will want to visit our general skills guide and get familiar with the general mechanics of the game. Once you’re ready to dig a little deeper, here is some additional info and tips on using the medic-specific skills…

Healing Knuckle

The Healing Knuckle is an AOE healing ability that slightly damages and knock back enemies. This skill costs 20% of the player’s hp to recover 20% hp for other teammate. Be very careful using this ability, because it can definitely lead to accidentally killing yourself if you are at less than 20% hp when the skill is activated.

Be sure to note that this skill can be used to revive downed teammates.

Healing Knuckle pairs well with Back Stab Drain, which will be covered further down in this list.

Healing Boost

Healing Boost becomes active when the player’s hp is above 80%. At level 2 the skill makes hp recover more quickly, but it doesn’t do much to help out for the injury recovery.

Injury recovers 1% every 10 seconds without the skill, and that rate remains the same with the skill equipped (it’s possible that this is a bug, but that hasn’t been confirmed). If players are using Healing Knuckle, it will be difficult to keep it active most of the time. Sprinting will stop the life recovery stops, which makes this a very hard skill to recommend.

Spartan Boost

Spartan Boost becomes active when the player’s hp is 20% or lower. It’s easy to identify this, because it’s the point when the screen starts to flash red.

At level 1, the damage boost is not very significant, and with only 20% hp left, it seems like healing should be a higher priority than DPS at this point. Unless you really prefer to live life on the edge, this is another skill that we do not recommend.

Back Stab Drain

This skill allows players to heal themselves 20% hp when they back stab an enemy. Combo’ing Back Stab Drain with Healing Knuckle makes it very easy to constantly keep your health at max level. This is a great skill for the right type of player and we highly recommend getting comfortable with it.

Shared Med Spray

This is an interesting skill that allows players to heal others when they heal themselves with a med spray within a small radius. The hardest part about using this skill is communication.

Because the radius is so small, team members can easily miss out on the bonus by roaming too far away from the healer. With the right party, this skill can be very useful.

First Aid

Players who manually revive a teammate when they have the First Aid skill active will allow the recovering player to come back with 60-90% of their full hp. That’s a major boost over the usual 30% recovery level. This skill is an easy pick for players aiming to help out the group.


The Tackle skill allows players to shoulder charge and push away several enemies in their path. Tackle can be used to push enemies away in lots of strategic ways to make reviving or offensive moves easier. It’s should be ranked near the top of the list, but it is a useful ability for the right kind of aggressive medic.

Be sure to check out our other guides for more Metal Gear Survive tips and tricks! Good luck out there.

Metal Gear Survive is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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