Metal Gear Survive: How to Purify Water

Metal Gear Survive: How to Purify Water

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The biggest threats to players in Metal Gear Survive are not necessarily the zombies and monsters players encounter in the game world. On the contrary, hunger and thirst are the two of the biggest threats players will have to contend with in Metal Gear Survive, and it’s important that players properly prepare themselves by eating enough food and drinking enough water before they go out on missions.

While getting enough food is arguably more difficult than having a steady supply of water, finding purified, clean water is still a challenge, especially in the early stages of the game. There is a watering hole near base camp, but the water players collect from it is dirty. Drinking this dirty water will still quench one’s thirst a bit, but it also has a chance to make players sick, and potentially do more harm than good.

Clean drinking water can be found in bottles throughout the zombie-infested game world, though they’re somewhat rare. The better solution is to purify as much water as possible at base camp, but it’s not possible to do that right off the bat. Before players can hope to purify water, they have to progress all the way to Chapter 7 in the story, at which point they can build the upgraded campfire that comes with a hanging pot.

With the campfire and hanging pot built, the next step is purifying the water and collecting the purified water in empty bottles. Later on, players can also build rainwater tanks to collect water, including one that automatically purifies the water for them, so that’s another way to start bringing in a steady supply of clean drinking water.

Now that Metal Gear Survive players have plenty of clean drinking water, they should concern themselves with making sure they have a readily available supply of food as well. Between hunting and growing a potato farm, players should be able to avoid falling into a death loop in the game.

Something else that will help players stay alive in Metal Gear Survive is if they make sure to purchase the best skills early on to help them in their exploration. This way players will be able to take on zombies and other enemies as effectively as possible.

Metal Gear Survive is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.