Destiny 2 Previews Upcoming Exotic Armor Buffs

Destiny 2 Previews Upcoming Exotic Armor Buffs

With the launch of Destiny 2‘s Warmind expansion, developer Bungie made a number of buffs to almost all the Exotic weapons in the game, making them much more powerful and compelling to use. Soon, Bungie is looking to do the same with Exotic armor in its May 29 game update.

The changes to Exotic armor will not be as wide-sweeping as Exotic weapons, with just six armor pieces getting a buff (two from each class); however, Bungie promises to continue to buff more in the future (July is the next promised update pass). Bungie says it does not want to change the perks on Exotic armor but is going to ramp up the utility of those abilities. Destiny 2 fans can look forward to the following changes coming to these six armor pieces:

Titan: Synthoceps

First up is the Titan gauntlets, Synthoceps, which currently increase melee lunge range and improve melee damage when surrounded. Damage also scaled depending on how many enemies were around.

The new change grants a flat bonus to melee and Super damage when surrounded by three or more enemies, and the increased damage will be retained for a short duration when the player is no longer surrounded.

Titan: Lion Rampant

The Lion Rampant boots are all about providing increased maneuverability in the air with Bungie saying it was designed with the idea of taking advantage of the Titan’s jump. The upcoming change will give Titans more options in the air, granting the ability to hipfire without interrupting the jump and while in the air all aerial accuracy penalties are removed.

Hunter: The Dragon’s Shadow

The Dragon’s Shadow chest armor is built around the Hunter’s Dodge ability, giving increased movement and weapon handling speed right after a Dodge. Buffing that even more, the Exotic will reload all weapons and give a boost to Mobility upon a Dodge.

Hunter: Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves

Currently, the Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves gauntlets increase ready and reload speed of sidearms. In addition to that perk, the patch will also add an increase to sidearm damage when the player is critically wounded.

Warlock: Lunafaction Boots

The Warlock’s Luncafaction Boots have a nifty perk, which automatically reloads the players and any fireteam members’ weapons when a Rift is cast or when players move in and out of the Rift. The problem was that it would require players to walk out of the Rift and then back in to take advantage of the perk. But the change will make reloading automatic while being in the Rift. And when players choose Empowering Rift, the boots will make weapons more effective at extended ranges.

Warlock: Sunbracers

The Sunbracers gauntlets, which focus on buffing the Dawnblade’s Solar Grenade, are getting a slight adjustment in one particular area. Solar melee kills will grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a short time. Currently, Solar melee hits grant an increased charge to grenade energy.

These changes don’t seem as flashy or powerful as some of the Exotic weapon buffs, such as the Graviton Lance, but there’s probably a delicate balance Bungie has to walk to avoid making something too powerful and broken. The changes definitely increase the power of these Exotics, but will it be enough? Players will have to decide for themselves when the update goes live May 29.

Destiny 2: Warmind is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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