Xenoblade Dev Wants to Create M-Rated Game for Switch

Xenoblade Dev Wants to Create M-Rated Game for Switch

As many Nintendo Switch fans will likely attest, while the hybrid mobile console does offer a few solid Mature titles such as Platinum Games’ Bayonetta and Bethesda’s forthcoming port of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, the system currently doesn’t feature a lot of them. This much has apparently been something the Xenoblade Chronicles developer and head of Monolith Soft, Tetsuya Takahashi, has been thinking about, as he recently expressed his desire to create an M-Rated game for the Switch.

This much was revealed during a recent interview posted on the Japanese site Ebitsu in which Takahashi stated that he wanted one of the future projects from the Xenoblade Chronicles studio to be “something you’d see on an American cable drama”. As far as the hypothetical game’s content is concerned, the Monolith Soft head said it would be “Violet and erotic and heavy. Something that there’s no way we would be allowed to do it.”


Although Takahashi stated that he didn’t believe Nintendo would ever give him the green light when it comes to taking on such a venture for the Switch, the Xenoblade Chronicles director Koh Kojima chimed in to say that he thinks it would be possible. The matter of CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) was brought up after that, which prompted Kojima to reply, “We can just go Z with X,” which is the Japanese equivalent of what an ESRB M-Rating would be for a game in the West.

Takahashi went on to infer that the M-Rated Switch title he wants to put out would be almost totally uninhibited from creative limitations and constraints, with an impetus behind the project being an aspiration to follow wherever his imagination takes him. As the Monolith Soft head explained, “Completely serious though, I would like to do a Z rated game, and just do whatever the hell I feel like doing.”

All things considered, it would be interesting to see what the Xenoblade Chronicles developers could produce if they were given free reign to pursue a project for the Nintendo Switch that would have content reflecting an M-Rating. While Takahashi isn’t convinced that the Big N would let it happen, Kojima’s bid of confidence does point to it being a possibility. After all, a report from several months ago indicated that Nintendo is open to the idea of more Mature games with adult themes on Switch. Of course, we will simply have to wait see if Monolith Soft ever gets the go ahead to put out an M-Rated game for the console.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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