Agony Releases Fractal Gameplay Trailer

Agony Releases Fractal Gameplay Trailer

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The release date for developer Madmind Studio and publisher PlayWay’s Agony will be here shortly, so the companies have decided to give fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the first-person survival-horror title yet another glimpse at the game before it goes live. Just recently, the project put out its dark and mysterious Fractal Gameplay Trailer, offering a look at what it’s like to roam some pitch black corners of Hell as a tormented soul without any memories of his past.

As seen in the latest Agony gameplay trailer below, players assume the role of someone exploring various environments within Hell while interacting with the other various souls in the torturous realm by either gruesome violence or through controlling them. What’s more is that the protagonist can even possess simple minded demons and wield their powers to survive within the game’s extreme conditions. After some exploration, the gameplay trailer then eventually shows the main character coming across what appears to be a fallen angel.

While not constantly displayed in Agony‘s Fractal Gameplay Trailer – particularly due to the fact that the environments are so dimly lit – the Madmind Studio and PlayWay title contains its fair share of savage visuals and intense brutality, which is understandable considering the title’s setting is Hell. Those looking to see why many have described the forthcoming game as one with such ghastly imagery can find plenty of examples within Agony‘s Floating Forest Gameplay Trailer.

Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see how Agony fares at launch with horror fans, especially with the title seemingly aiming to be one of the most shocking and disturbing games released to date. After all, the developers at Madmind Studio have stated that “the full version of Agony is much heavier” than what has been seen in promotional wares.

Agony releases on May 29, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Agony Game – YouTube