Every NPC in Vampyr is Completely Unique

Every NPC in Vampyr is Completely Unique

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One of 2018’s most anticipated horror games, Vampyr, has been given a spotlight in recent weeks thanks to a new webseries exploring the game’s development. The latest video details the game’s NPCs, all of which are completely unique from one another.

Dontnod posted the following video regarding how each NPC in Vampyr is unique and distinct – no generic NPCs here. Every character has a story for why they’re doing what they’re doing and no two are the same.

Watch the video to see the publishers describe it themselves:

The video explains how integral each NPC is because Dontnod did not want to be like every other RPG where the NPCs just say a few words and then the player never interacts with them. The developers wanted more, especially since Jonathan needs to feed on civilians to survive as a vampire. This is the only way for players to gain XP in game; they cannot beat bosses or defeat levels, but they must kill the citizens of London to level up and become stronger.

When players decide they want to kill and sacrifice a particular civilian, they will hear the civilian’s dying thoughts. This encourages players to think of these citizens as more than just dinner. The NPCs are regular people who have emotions, feelings, and other things outside of themselves, like a family. Other NPCs will mourn if players kill someone in their family. Dontnod wants players to feel these emotions and feel the consequences of sacrificing someone in game.

Snacking on citizens also erodes the status of the district they belonged to and if too many dead citizens turn up, the other townsfolk will end up leaving the area, causing something greater and more awful to happen. However, what this is has not been announced yet.

Vampyr releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in spring of 2018, but no concrete date has been confirmed yet.