E3 2017: Vampyr Gameplay Footage Shows Off Combat

E3 2017: Vampyr Gameplay Footage Shows Off Combat

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Dontnod Entertainment truly made its mark in video games through the release of acclaimed episodic adventure title Life is Strange, but the developer has taken to E3 2017 with much darker motives. Now, the studio has revealed some fresh gameplay footage for upcoming horror title Vampyr, which shows off the dark London in which the game is set.

This gameplay video for Vampyr, however, does not just focus on location and on atmosphere, but instead offers up a first real look at how the game will play. As gamers may expect from the developers of Life is Strange, the brief gameplay trailer reveals a dialogue system that will allow players to navigate situations and help keep a balance between the different factions of the title.

However, the footage also shows off some of the combat system in the game. Since this is an alpha build of the title, there may be some tweaks here and there, but Vampyr looks to combine a rhythm-based system with managing resources and quick reactions. Those interested in seeing the gameplay in action can do so below.

Vampyr is definitely an interesting move from Dontnod Entertainment, as it is in stark contrast tonally to the developer’s work with Life is Strange. However, because of this the game has garnered a strong amount of interest, and trailers such as the E3 Vampyr cinematic trailer have continued to build support for the game.

Life is Strange also had a place at E3 2017, through the official reveal of prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm. However, this title is actually being developed by Deck Nine Games, rather than Dontnod Entertainment. The game was originally discovered through a number of leaked images, before the showcase of a trailer at E3 2017 as part of the expo.

That said, Dontnod Entertainment will be returning to the series, and development has begun on a Life is Strange sequel. For now, though, all eyes are on Vampyr, and hopefully the title will be able to show that – between the sci-fi of Remember Me, the dramatic edge of Life is Strange, and the horror of Vampyr – Dontnod Entertainment has a strong level of versatility in its ranks.

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Vampyr will be released this November for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.