Overwatch Nerfing Sombra's Hacking Ability

Overwatch Nerfing Sombra's Hacking Ability

Even after a massive tweak to her abilities recently, Sombra will be getting two additional changes to her hacking in an upcoming Overwatch patch.

In a post on the official Overwatch forums titled “Sombra nerf when”, players listed issues they have with the hero’s hacking ability. Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman stepped in to address these complaints, saying Blizzard already has changes in the works and that they will be implemented in the game’s next patch. While the changes can be considered nerfs, they aren’t dramatic ones, so Sombra mains can breathe a sigh of relief.


Here is what is changing:

  1. Any time Sombra’s hack is interrupted by damage, hacking will go on cooldown for 2 seconds. With this change, Sombra will have to be more careful about choosing when and who to hack instead of just holding down the button and waiting for people to miss and/or reload etc.
  2. There is currently a 0.1s window of time at the end of the hack where it cannot be canceled via line of sight or other effects (such as Tracer’s recall, Zarya bubbles, etc). This exists so it doesn’t constantly get broken by very small line of sight blockers such as light posts and signs, etc. We are removing this window and instead now using multiple LOS checks to make sure the small LOS blockers are still not a problem. In addition to this, we’re speeding up the update rate of her hacking so that it is more responsive in checking for these fail conditions. The combination of these things means it should be much more reasonable to respond to a hack targeting you.

Characters in Overwatch are constantly getting tweaked, and it’s a safe bet that even after a major overhaul, they will still get changed down the road. In fact, Sombra received several changes less than a month ago, and now she is getting a couple more. Hopefully these adjustments balance out the character enough that she won’t be back on the operating table again for a while.

The game’s newest character, Brigitte, is still going through her balance phase on the PTR after she was announced a couple weeks ago. She will be joining Overwatch as the game’s first frontline support hero, protecting teammates and herself with a shield, dolling out big damage with her whiplike mace, and doing a bit of healing as well. Thankfully, for those anxious to give her a spin, Blizzard has finally given her an official release date. Brigitte will go live on Overwatch next week, Tuesday, March 20.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Overwatch Offical Forums

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20 March 2018