Agony Trailer: Horror Game Reveals the Floating Forest

Agony Trailer: Horror Game Reveals the Floating Forest

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Horror game fans are in for a treat because MadMind Studios has released a brand new gameplay trailer for its upcoming first-person survival-horror title Agony, showcasing a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of hell, gore, nudity, and other demonic unmentionables.

Lasting a spine-chilling 12-minutes, the new Agony gameplay trailer takes players on a hellish journey through an area called the Floating Forest. Players assume the role of a damned soul trapped deep within the depths of hell without any memories of his past, and must face a hostile environment filled with gore, monsters, and other disgusting obstacles. Armed only with a special ability to control other people and simple-minded demons, as well as whatever tools that can be scavenged, players must look for a way to escape from hell.

From the hellish landscapes to the flayed corpses littering the ground, not to mention the naked demons floating around mocking the player, the trailer shines a spotlight on Agony‘s ambitious art design, which promises to showcase a vision of hell that’s unique to the horror game genre. Beyond the nightmare-inducing yet beautiful sights, Agony is also shaping up to be one of the more difficult games in recent memory as almost everything surrounding the player is hostile, the offensive measures available are used merely to survive rather than a way to counter-attack, and stealth is almost always a necessity in getting past all the demonic enemies.

Having secured funding from Kickstarter back in 2016, Agony quickly drew attention from gamers for its visually creative art style and its horrific depiction of hell. With the Madmind Studios team comprised of veteran developers who have worked on well-received games such as The Division and The Witcher 3, it is perhaps no surprise that the upcoming survival-horror title is shaping up to be a disturbingly beautiful project.

It remains to be seen how the final product will ultimately play out, but based on the 12-minute gameplay trailer, Agony is already shaping up to be one of the more anticipated – and certainly most interesting – horror games in 2017.

Agony is scheduled for launch in Q2 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.