Fortnite Fans Recreate 'This is America' Video

Fortnite Fans Recreate 'This is America' Video

Fortnite has done it again. The world’s biggest battle royale shooter has found its way into yet another cultural hit. This is Fortnite is the most recent parody of Childish Gambino’s socio-political hit, This is America. The video, created by the WiziBlimp YouTube channel, sees characters from the survival game recreating key moments from the original video.

Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, released the song and music video during his stint hosting Saturday Night Live. After performing the track, it quickly rose to the top on Spotify’s global and U.S. charts and reached No.1 on iTunes in 45 markets.

Gambino’s This is America is one of the most talked about music videos of 2018 so far, so a mash-up with one of the most talked about video games of 2018 is not surprising. The original video itself has been viewed nearly 240 million times since its release and has been endlessly analyzed, memed, and recreated. Check out how This is Fortnite compares to the original below:

This is Fortnite, joins recent Nigerian and feminist takes on Gambino’s platinum hit and its accompanying video. Like the other recreations, This is Fortnite is crazy impressive. And like the original, This is Fortnite features a lot of coordinated dancing, is also set in a warehouse and manages to recreate the long, continuous shot that made Gambino’s video such a delight to video nerds. But the key addition that you won’t see in Gambino’s This is America is the iconic Fortnite dance moves like flossing and Gangnam style.

When it comes to Fortnite, there’s no question that the game has surpassed expectations and has become more than just a shooter with the most popular battle royale gameplay, it ’s become a cultural phenomenon. From being on track to becoming a billion-dollar game, to the fan favorite mash-up with Avengers: Infinity War where the movie’s main antagonist, Thanos, was a playable character, Fortnite has found its way into the lives of millions regardless if they play or not.