The Banner Saga Trilogy and More Coming to Switch

The Banner Saga Trilogy and More Coming to Switch

One year after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, many indie games have made their way onto the hit console. Today, Nintendo announced a handful of titles that are making their way to Switch in the coming year. Here’s everything that was announced in today’s Nindie Livestream.

The Banner Saga Trilogy

Stoic’s tactical fantasy RPG series is making its way to Switch this year. With all three games on the Switch, players will be able to transfer their choices and characters from game-to-game as they progress through the trilogy. The first two Banner Saga games are listed as “coming soon” to Switch, with The Banner Saga 3 slated for Summer 2018.

Mark of the Ninja Remastered

Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment’s stealth side-scroller, is getting remastered for the Switch. The critically-acclaimed ninja game is set to hit the Switch this fall.

Fantasy Strike

Street Fighter meets Avatar: The Last Airbender in this unique fighting game developed by Sirlin Games. This fighting game will feature both local and online multiplayer, and is set to release on Switch this summer.

Just Shapes and Beats

Just Shapes and Beats is true to its name. Players are tasked with dodging obstacles to the game’s chiptune-inspired soundtrack. The game will feature a story mode, playable solo or with friends, and is set to launch on Switch this summer.

Light Fall

Light Fall is a fast-paced platformer which allows players to create a hovering block to help overcome obstacles. The game will feature a Speed Run mode, which allows players to compare times to see who can run the game the fastest. Light Fall launches this spring.

West of Loathing

Developed by Asymmetric Publications, West of Loathing is a slapstick stick-figure western, which launches on Switch this spring.


tinyBuild’s latest game is heavily inspired by the gritty VHS-era B-movies, and lets players slay zombies and mutants in this top-down shooter. Garage launches on Switch May 10.

Lumines Remastered

This stylish and rhythmic puzzle game is getting a remastered addition that will feature local multiplayer, which drops on Switch this spring.

Reigns: Kings and Queens

Reigns: Kings and Queens is all about making intricate decisions by swiping left or right. Players can take on the role of a monarch trying to protect their throne on Switch this spring.

Bomb Chicken

This unique puzzle game by Nitrome allows players to become a chicken that lays bombs to get out of tricky situations. This wacky puzzle game is coming to Switch this summer.

Pool Panic

Adult Swim’s unique take on pool turns the real world into one giant and wild game of pool. Pool Panic launches on Switch later this year.


This Norwegian art-inspired puzzle exploration game lets players work together to solve a plethora of beautiful puzzles. Pode launches on Switch this spring.

The Messenger

This game is a unique take on a side-scrolling action adventure, allowing players to shift between 8-bit and 16-bit worlds as they travel through time. The Messenger launches on Switch this summer.

Bad North

Take up arms against Viking invaders in this rogue-lite real-time strategy game when Bad North launches on Switch this summer.

While there weren’t a ton of huge announcements, like the Nintendo Direct earlier this month, it’s great to see so many indie games coming to the Switch. The Banner Saga and many others will be welcome additions to Nintendo’s ever-growing indie library.



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