New Destiny 2 System Will Temporarily Ban Quitters

New Destiny 2 System Will Temporarily Ban Quitters

The next Destiny 2 game update (1.1.4) has been officially nicknamed the “Go Fast” update by developer Bungie because it promises to speed up players’ movement, Super recharge rates, and more. But within this “Go Fast” update, there is also a new system that will punish habitual quitters in the game’s Competitive PvP playlist.

Quitters have been especially prevalent in Destiny 2‘s Competitive playlist since launch. Players, or even entire teams, will drop out of a match if they start losing by a large margin, and the problems are often compounded because additional players are not matchmade into the middle of a game. As a result, those players remaining are typically left to suffer a brutal beatdown or a lopsided (and empty) victory.

The new system coming next week will attempt to turn the tide of quitters in the playlist by issuing temporary bans to those who habitually quit out of matches. Bungie said in its weekly blog that leaving matches “for any reason” can lead to a temporary 30-minute restriction from the Crucible.

Unfortunately, this also means loss of connection or even a player being idle for too long in a match can cause the system to trigger and issue a 30-minute lockout. Bungie suggests that, from now on, players should make sure they have a solid connection and are able to commit the time to stay in an entire match.


This system is not unheard of, as many other PvP games, such as Overwatch, have punishments for frequent quitters. Bungie has even had a system like this active in its own games, like Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. If all goes well, those looking to compete will not even notice the system (besides noticing far fewer quitters), while those who often drop out of matches will correct their behavior in this particular playlist.

There are plenty of significant changes coming in Update 1.1.4, including tweaks to Crucible gameplay, the return of the Rumble playlist, weapon rebalancing, and unique Nightfall rewards. The update will go live on March 27.

Destiny 2 and its Curse of Osiris expansion are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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